I got my eyebrows and upper lip threaded.

So last night when driving back from my Stitch meeting I was listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s on a CD my friend Jasmine made for me. The song was “Y Control”. I kept listening to the beginning of the song over and over because it sounded so familiar and I could not figure out from where. When I got home I dusted off my Big Black The Rich Man’s eight Tack Tape CD and listened to “Passing Complexion”. That’s it by God. The intro to the two songs is as alike to me as the start of Madonna’s “Hung Up” and Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waiting For”. Good thing I solved that mystery, I even added “Passing Complexion” as my My Space song.

Yesterday I had a new experience, I got my eyebrows and upper lip threaded. It’s like an Indian form of waxing using dental floss. It was pretty awesome and really didn’t hurt that bad at all. Not to mention I am in love with my eyebrows, they have never looked better. If you live in Austin seriously go get threaded at Tara Salon.

Oh and you should check out this new and exciting shopping blog called Sharp Lilly. They were nice enough to review Naughty Secretary Club!

Speaking of Naughty Secretary Club I snuck in some funny little pins yesterday.

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