I don’t spend that much on bands I know and love.

I set out last night to see my friend Chico’s band Magic Surprise at Emo’s, but plans took a turn. Hope, Erin and I had all the best intentions of going but the cover was $10. I don’t spend that much on bands I know and love. So we went around the corner to Beauty Bar instead. I feel like I live at this bar lately with all my visits during SXSW. It was fun though and worth the trip. First Dave and Joe came over to play, I hadn’t seen those kids in awhile. Then Erin’s BF Jason, AKA Jug showed up. At some point Matt and Karly arrived, but they are in a new relationship and make out all the time so it was pretty much like they were not there. Page, Neil, Austin and a gaggle of other kids rounded out our posse. Fun was had by all.

Speaking of bands I have paid $10 to see, Stereolab was playing last night across the street at Stubbs. I had debated on attending the show, but I have seen them so many times it is sad. There was the time on the second stage at Lollapalooza in Dallas, once in London, Halloween at Liberty Lunch, others I am forgetting. I really wanted to go see the dudes from the Sea and Cake open the show, but I heard they were pretty boring. I am actually going to Stubbs next week to see Dinosaur Jr. Yes I have seen them lots of times too, but come on it’s Dinosaur Jr. I even once saw J. Mascis do an acoustic tour and another time I saw him with Mike Watt from the Minute Men and Ron Ashton from The Stooges. It was heaven.

It’s a lovely sunny Saturday here in Austin with temperatures in the 70’s. I think I might continue my front yard landscaping adventures. I chopped down some bushes and the roots need to be dug up. Chris and I are also building a bench by the front door out of cinderblocks. I saw it in a Budget Living book, it’s actually really cute. I bought some red outdoor fabric to cover the seat cushion with this week. I just need the cushion and the board to complete the project. Did you know the peeps from Budget Living have a new blog? It’s true, they do!

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