I decided to let them have their cocktails in peace.

Yesterday seemed like a long day.

I worked on and off all day and watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch in the afternoon. It was cute, but not as wondermous as I thought it would be. I did love the outfits.

Around 7:00pm I took some more goodies up to Parts and Labour and met Susann and her boy toy’s cousin and friend for dinner. They are in town for SXSW so we went to Docs Motorworks and sat on the patio and did some people watching. Doc’s is where the Austin Craft Mafia is having the Stylelicious premiere party on April 5th.

After dinner we went to meet Jesse and Mark at the brand spankin’ new Beauty Bar. The Bar was cute, but a little sparse. However sparkly walls and light fixtures by Moon Shine Shades so that is a bonus. Not really like the LA version that I adore, but on it’s way – after all it is only the second night being open. At the bar next to us was Sleater Kinney and Clea Duvall. I kept trying to think of sly ways to slip them a naughty secretary club card, but I decided to let them have their cocktails in peace.

On the way home my cab driver told me all about the pro-wrestling events that are held at the skate park down the street from my house. It actually sounded kind of hilarious, apparently cheap pyrotechnics are involved and everything.

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