I Can’t Get Through October Without…

Wowsers I’m in the October issue of Marie Claire and my secret love of Christopher Meloni has been revealed. I would like to clarify that I do not go to bed at 10pm as the article implies I actually watch the show on TBS at midnight. The rest is totally true. Oh and guess what? I snuck in a few new pairs of Revamped Vintage Earrings yesterday since people and writing me asking for the earrings in the magazine. That’s my pair, sorry. Want to read the original list I sent over to Marie Claire when they asked me what I couldn’t live without…

Perez Hilton – A friend of mine managed to get me addicted to his blog. I was not a big celebrity gossip fan before this, and now I find myself checking it more than once a day! More scary is all my friends are starting to read it so when we see each other at parties or bars I find we are discussing what we read on Perez Hilton that week. What has the world come to?

Diet Coke – I just counted 9 empty cans on my desk as I typed. Some people say Diet Coke is addictive, I say they are right.

Threading – Instead of having my eye brows waxed I go to a little place in Austin called Tara’s Salon where they work magic on your eyebrows with what appears to be some twisted dental floss. I look like I have had a face lift when I leave.

My Mother – I’m a momma’s girl what can I say. I don’t make a crafty move without consulting her first.

Mexican Food – Growing up in Texas a taste for Tex Mex is the other thing you acquire besides the accent.

Blogging – Every morning I wake up and blog, it’s part of my routine now. Not sure much of anyone besides my husband and a handful of friends read it, but for some reason it helps me get my day started and keeps me in line.

MAC Studio Fix Foundation – When you have had your makeup professionally done every day for a TV show you get used to thick make up. It’s a hard habit to break much to the dismay of the sweet gal who does my facials.

Pajama Pants – I’m sure my husband wishes I would sleep in sexy short nightgowns, but I have to sleep in pajama pants. Preferably flannel. What if someone broke in or the house burned down? I want to be fully dressed and ready to jump out of bed.

Netflix – My husband and I love watching movies and are currently enrolled in the 3 movies at a time plan. We fight over arranging the queue so sometimes it is probably not the healthiest thing in our relationship.

Itunes – I am a huge music fan and my Itunes is constantly being played and added on to. Before I made jewelry and hosted craft shows I wrote music reviews for magazines and I co-owned a record label.

Blackberry – I used to be a Treo girl but after an unfortunate incident involving my Sim card escaping at a park in Brooklyn I have switched over to the dark side of the Crackberry. With running an online business having the ability to check my email at all times without toting around a lap top is super awesome. The Treo had Tetris and I do miss that.

Ear Plugs – I travel quite a bit and hotel rooms are not exactly tranquil, especially when you get stuck in a room next to the elevator or above unsupervised kids. Not to mention at home between my dog and my husband and they way they snore I can’t get a wink of sleep without them.

Law and Order SVU – Can not go to sleep without hearing the soothing words luminal whispered in my ear while watching some sort of forensics or crime TV show.

Computers – I have 2.5 if you count my Blackberry. I work on my home computer when my assistant is not here and during his shift I live on my Dell Inspiron 6000. I am from Austin after all, I have to use a Dell.

Big Earrings – whether they be Naughty Secretary Club brand or not, I keep a quite the stash of big earrings on hand at all times. Now that I mention it, all my jewelry is big. Ya know what they say about everything being bigger in Texas, I guess with me and jewelry it’s true.

Extra thick Rubber bands – I sometimes wonder why I bother having layers cut into my hair because from the moment I wake up until I lay my head on the pillow at night my hair is in some sort of ponytail/bun concoction. When the messy bun look came in vogue I was so happy.

Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax – To relax and shape the layers in my hair that no one sees I use a couple of pumps of my Kerastase every time I have a wet head.

Replenix Green Tea Serum – If green tea is so good for you to drink, it’s got to be good to slather on your face right? That was the logic that was bestowed on me by my dermatologist when I bought it so that is what I keep telling myself.

7 Responses to “I Can’t Get Through October Without…”

  1. Average Jane Crafter

    HAHAHAHAHA! Oh man, I have such an insane crush on Christopher Meloni, it’s not funny. He once had a run of little reading shorts on Noggin (kids’ channel) and when it would come on I’d be all, “KIDS! Quiet! Mama needs to watch this.” Mmmmmm …. Detective Stabler….

    And today I was tidying up and dumped about 10 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper into the recycle bin. Nice. I’ve been trying to

  2. Dave Lowe

    What the Fiancee and future Sister in Law have taught me is it is possible to have some version of LAW AND ORDER on at any hour of the day through the many reruns on various channels. They are hoplessly addicted.

    The door bell would be changed to the
    CHUNK DUNK sound if they had it their way.

  3. Alexa

    I recently started going to Perez Hilton too…but for a couple of years I’ve gone to Pink is the New Blog (www.trent.blogspot.com). Trent updates it once a day and he’s a little less snarky than Perez. It gives me the goods on all the hotties in Hollywood. Also, I love Law and Order, of any kind, really. I find myself on the weekends also watching those MSNBC Crime reality shows. It’s just

  4. textile_fetish

    It seems weird to me that they take your quote and reword it to fit, yet still keep it in quotes. I think my journalism education just flew out the window.

    I like that you start the day blogging. How many blogs do you do this for now?


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