I am Thankful that I Hoard Fabric.

Today among a lot of other things I am thankful that I am a pack rat hoarder type. A bit like those birds that pick up any sparkly thing they see to line their nest with, I am that person that even if I have no clue what I will use something for, if it is pretty and colorful I will pick it up with the hopes that it will come to me later. For years I have been picking up fabric scraps, feedsack in particular. Maybe it came from being at flea markets with my mother waiting for her to sort through stacks of Barkcloth. I had to look at something in the booth to occupy my time. I’m not much of a seamstress and don’t know anything about quilting, but for some reason I just kept picking up the pieces. Yesterday when the wild urge to make jewelry involving fabric swept over me I was thankful that I had a big basket (or two) of colorful vintage fabric scraps to play with. I sent Hope out to score me a seam ripper, I hit the thrift store looking for wool sweaters to felt and spent the rest of my evening like a mad fabric scientist and for the first time really breaking in my new studio. I wanted to share what I came up with and what you will soon be able to find on Naughty Secretary Club.

Here are the piles of vintage fabric that I started with. Feedsack, quilting yoyos, Barkcloth and more…

Next up are my favorite necklaces that came out of the night. Who knew I had some much different chain in my studio? It’s amazing the things you find when you switch studio spaces and are as unorganized as I am…

Sure I am thankful for more important things than fabric like my wonderful friends and family. I am just thankful for the little things to, like fabric I can make jewelry with. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you are all set to eat lots of yummy food, including my personal favorite sweet potatoes with marshmallows. I am headed down the road a piece to my mother-in-laws house (father-in-law is already here staying with us). We are meeting up with my brother and sister in law and their adorable kiddo. I am also really thankful that today I get to meet my mother-in-laws new baby donkey Samuel.

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