I am starting to refer to myself as Powder.

Weird. I just came in to whip up a blog entry about my camera dramas as of late and the first song out of my ITUNEs is “Kamera” by Wilco. Really my problems started way before the whole camera debacle, let me start from the beginning and here is an IMIX about cameras and getting your pictures taken for while you read.

During SXSW my phone started to have issues. First it was not texting and then the touch screen started to freak out. On a recent trip to my parents house I ran out of batteries and since I have a Treo this means EVERYTHING in my phone was erased. Notes, calendars, contacts and most importantly Tetris. If I don’t call or text anymore, this is why.

Next my IPOD starts to freak out. To be fair I should say it is the headphones. One ear, my left one to be exact, is starting to crackle. I am assuming it is the headphones and not years of concerts starting to catch up with me. Actually I went to a doctor a few years ago and he looked in my ears and did some tests and told me that I had damaged hearing. That’s what I get for all those years of Ministry and KMFDM concerts. Guess I’ll never be a fighter pilot, no highway to the danger zone for me.

So that is my phone and my IPOD and at this point my sister is starting to call me Powder. Remember that movie about the Albino alien kid that was directed by a child molester? Everything electrical that Powder touched got all jacked up. I am pasty white, though the fake tan is starting to help a bit, and now all the electronic incidents – maybe I am like Powder.

This week it was my camera that started in with the problems. I recently got a light tent, Ebay in a box as they are referred to. I was so excited to take pictures of all the new and exciting jewelry I have bought and created for the site in my new light tent, but things were not working out as I had planned. The background in the tent looked gray, not white at all. I have two bright lights pointed in there and everything. I consulted with some wiser friends who recommended I tweak the aperture of the camera, a word I promise you is not in the glossary of my Sony one shot camera manual. So after pressing tons of buttons my camera would not take pictures at all.

At this point I am starting to refer to myself as Powder.

Today I woke up and took my butt to camera co-op here in Austin. Those dudes were friendly as all get out and helpful too. There was some drama over my Camp Fig shirt depicting a Chihuahua because apparently the nice gentlemen helping me had recently lost his, however he pulled through and he and his trusty co-worker fixed my camera. They also sold me a fancy little tripod and some piece of gray cardboard.

Now the pictures I came home and took are still not perfect, blurry actually, but at least it is taking pictures at all again. I think I am just going to have to mess with the camera and the lights. In the meantime I want you to know that I promise I have new and exciting jewelry I want to show you, I just can’t currently take a picture of it.

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