I am also looking for an assistant. You interested? Read on.

Have you gotten a copy of the Fred Flare Gifted Catalog? Super cute stuff. Especially that hot PING PONG BALL NECKLACE on page one by Naughty Secretary Club. You can also get Rock-n-Roll Charm School Necklaces through Fred Flare or through me. It’s funny I made the ping pong ball necklace and took it to the Renegade Craft Fair in New York thinking everyone was going to laugh at me. Apparently the Fred Flare guys saw the comedy in the necklace.

Speaking of necklaces I added some new NOUVEAU NECKLACES to Naughty Secretary Club. I am quite smitten on them. Some of the styles I got for the site were so popular my friends snagged them all before I could take pictures and get them for sale. Even my house keeper pulled out a stack for herself that she wants me to sit aside. Guess that means I picked good.

This is random but did you know you can get Craft Mafia T-shirts now? Yup and Stitch T-shirts. I am thinking of getting Naughty Secretary Club T-shirts. Would anyone besides me wear one?

Another random thing. Everyone be sure and check out my little sister Hope of Hot Pink Pistol fame in the current issue of Bust Magazine. She has an Easy-E dress in there that looks awesome. If you see the new Jane look out for a big full page picture of Tina Sparkles too. Apparently I got my sister the hook up with Playgirl Magazine and they are going to feature her T-shirts. I am going to have jewelry in the January and February issues. However, the funny thing is one of the pieces I am going to have in there is my scrabble bracelet that says “Weiner” however we have now learned that you spell “Wiener” I before E. So basically it is wrong in the magazine. I think I will just stick with weenie from here on out.

I am also looking for an assistant. You interested? Read on.

I need someone who knows how to make jewelry, nothing
fancy like soldering, but can make a mean pair of
earrings with some jump rings and ear hooks. I also
need someone who has some minimal computer skills and
can do a wee bit of updating on my website with Dream
Weaver, super easy for me to teach you. Someone who
is fairly organized because I am not and I need someone
to help me in that area.

I go out of town quite a bit, sometimes for up to 5
weeks at a time and need someone who can run Naughty
Secretary Club while I am away.

It would be a couple of days a week for a few hours,
maybe working up to more. Duties would include:
making jewelry, putting together orders, cropping
photographs for the website, running a few errands,
ect. Nothing really hard or terribly exciting.

Starting pay is $8 an hour and there will be a payroll
system with taxes and all of that good stuff.

Please email me at info@naughtysecretaryclub.com if
you are interested or please pass on my info if you
know someone who might be.

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