How rigorous is the screening for this show?

Thanks to the nice girl who wrote me an email yesterday asking about the Revamped Vintage Necklace on Emmy Rossum in the June 2006 issue of Seventeen magazine. I had absolutely no idea until she wrote. Sure I have sent them samples tons of times, but most times when magazines are going to actually use something someone writes you an email to firm up the details. No calls, but they got it all right and I am happy as a clam even if you can hardly see the necklace.

In other news I am quite proud of myself for watching Project Runway last night for the first time. I am so bad about watching TV with any regularity and I had promised myself that I would try and watch this show this season. Yes that hat was God awful and stupid. I thought his outfit was worse than the lady who got kicked off, but at least he knew how to use a sewing machine. How rigorous is the screening for this show that out of thousands of people someone gets on that can’t use a sewing machine? I thought the navy dress that won deserved to win and was quite lovely. Not sure at all how I felt about the guy with the bows on the back of the dress that used to work with Isaac mizrahi.

Speaking of Isaac at Tuesdays Austin Craft Mafia meeting Vickie brought pictures from her interview with him for the next issue of Knit 1. As always Vickie that sweetheart was nice enough to wear a big Naughty Secretary Club necklace that you can see front and center right next to Isaac himself. Don’t worry I’ll keep you posted on when it comes out.

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