How Many Times Have I Seen Your Profile in the Photobooth So Far?

I know I just posted about Chris and I’s 5 year wedding anniversary, but today is our 10 year dating anniversary. Ya know that anniversary you celebrate before you get hitched. For some people it is the day they sign the official BF/GF (boyfriend/girlfriend) paper work, but I’m not sure we ever did that. We need to go get a new photo booth set taken to commemorate.

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  1. jenny

    How cute! My husband and I go back to the site of our first date every year and get a photo taken in the same Amy’s Ice Cream photo booth!

  2. Average Jane Crafter

    Growing up, my family (mom, dad, sister and I) always took family “portraits” in photo booths – usually on vacations. (before we lived in Austin, every time we’d come here we’d go to Chuy’s and hit the PB. Every.Single.Time)

    We’d bring ’em home and stick them up with tape on the wall above the phone in the kitchen. Over the years, we amassed quite the collection. When my parents built a

  3. Celia

    This is so fun and sweet! lol… Thanks for sharing! I have to go and get up my husband right now and ask him why we don’t have anything like that?, lol…

  4. Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue

    Aaw! Sweetness!
    You two do need to get a booth soon & make some new memories!
    One of my favorite date night activities here in Austin is heading to Chuy's & having a mexican martini before a few rounds in their old school photo booth & then walking down to Peter Pan mini golf for 18 holes of putt putt fun.

    *I realize that mexican martini's are not in the

  5. Funky Finds

    hey girl…so glad you like your maternity tee! 🙂

    can you tell me who we should contact @ duncan crafts & bust to see about sponsoring our funky finds show in april? any other leads or tips you have would be greatly appreciated!


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