Hot Pink and Orange Groovy Christmas Mantel


I think I’m finally finished with my 2016 holiday mantel and I am in LOVE.  Like I want to have orange and hot pink babies with this thing.  The colors are everything and I’m pretty sure with a few tweaks I can keep this baby up through Valentines Day.  The mantel is full of vintage beaded ornaments, giant yarn pompoms, floral springs, two gold Christmas trees (on their sides) and more!


The whole thing was inspired by my mother.  Not because she is a Patrick Nagel fan (this picture is actually a litho by someone else) but because when I was a child the very first Christmas tree I remember was orange and hot pink.  It was the 70’s everything was groovy and my parents mod house had the shag carpeting to match.


I still have stockings to add, but the swag on the mantel is looking pretty tight.  It’s a combination of lots of different things new and old.  I crocheted chain, made a garland out of vintage children’s necklaces linked together, added yarn to some gold beads and more.


Orange and hot pink might not be the first color combination that comes to mind when you think about Christmas, but at my house and my holiday style almost anything goes.  I love the way these vintage candle holders looked mixed in with my collection of orange glass and sparkly pink reindeer.


Let’s be real, I said it will work through Valentine’s Day but I’m not even sure I will be able to bring myself to take it down then.  Well that is until it is Easter and I want to make an equally kitsch-tastic Easter swag.  Ooooh that gets me to thinking!

Let me know what you think!  Loving the orange and hot pink?  Prefer the traditional?  Should I add LED lights so it blinks at night?  Thoughts – go!


7 Responses to “Hot Pink and Orange Groovy Christmas Mantel”

  1. Carrie Malik

    LOVE it!! Love the mix of colors…everything about it! Great job! You had me at “groovy”…my favorite word. 🙂

  2. Kippi

    Your pink Christmas decor is happy and fun. It was my pick for the link party: You’re the Star so please check it out. Merriest Holiday Season to you and yours, Kippi


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