Hot Fuzz and Mary Timony

I had a fun filled Friday night out on the town. First up Chris and I met Erin and Joey at the Alamo to see Hot Fuzz. I had not yet been to the Alamo Drafthouse South and it was really nice. For those of you who don’t live in Austin the Alamo is a chain of movie theatres here that you can order dinner and beer in the theatre. Oh and Joey is in Beta Valentine with Chris and Erin is who designed the Naughty Secretary Club Website. We had potato skins and Red Stripes. The movie was not quite as funny as Shawn of the Dead, but funny. After dinner the 4 of us headed downtown to Club Deville. Not usually my favorite bar, but for some off reason Mary Timony was playing there. I used to be a huge fan of her old band Helium (who the video is of). Actually click here to read something I wrote a bazillion years ago about the band for my old print zine Scratch-n-Sniff. I just realized that in the discography I forgot to mention another band Mary was in called Autoclave which also had members of Slant 6. Anyway Mary sounded good last night but I must confess I ran into my friend Jennifer Barker Benfield who owns the vintage clothing store in Austin called Blue Velvet (she was also on an episode of Stylelicious once) so she and I chatted more than we watched the show. Erin and I tossed around the idea of going to see Morrissey tonight but two nights out is crazy for me. Plus I have seen Morrissey (given it was over 10 years ago) but the last few times Morrissey has come to Austin I have bought tickets and then at the last minute he cancels the show. Not sure I want to go through that again.

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