Hope has this weird thing for poorly taxidermied animals she finds at the thrift store.

Over the weekend I have added tons of new earrings, literally a new pair in every single section. REVAMPED VINTAGE EARRINGS has Monopoly pieces, piranhas, conjoined twins and more. Several of these are one of a kind so shake a tail feather. NOSTALGIC NOTIONS has some cuties listed. Really could anything with a gnome not be cute? Cheney is the new THING-A-LING EARRING and Cherry Cherry has been restocked in NOUVEAU EARRINGS. Can you tell that earrings are my favorite piece of jewelry?

Hope also painted some new and exciting purses for the website. This is a picture of Vito. Hope has this weird thing for poorly taxidermied animals she finds at the Thrift Store. She has Tonya the bobcat and now Vito the mounted deer head. Well she painted Vito’s horns hot pink and put more flowers in his hair that Frida Kahlo. This purse is homage to him. HOT PINK PISTOL PURSES. Speaking of my little sister you should scoot over to her website HOT PINK PISTOL some time and see the amazing hand painted earrings she is making. I have a pair and I wear them all the time.

Remember if you forgot to watch this week’s episode of Stylelicious on DIY Network, today is your big chance. 3pm Central Time catch all 30 minutes of fun filled action with Tina making flowers, Susann gussying up more T-shirts and Tank Tops than I can count and I’ll be there showing you how to turn those plain old temple stabbing plastic headbands of your childhood into an updated tiara. I ever tell you kids about the time I made some for Vera Wang. True story, the one with the little cupcake crown was apparently a big hit. Oh ya and on the episode check out everyone’s Naughty Secretary Club REVAMPED VINTAGE RINGS. I know fer sure I saw a Sparkle Plenty.

Oh and be sure to check out Great Green Goods to see the nice things they said about my mom’s record bowl bags (look for Ms. Fredda on an upcoming episode of Stylelicious showing everyone how to make them). Mom’s vintage barkcloth baby bags also got mentioned on Great Green Baby. Whoo-hoo!

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