Homes for Gnomes: The Top 10 Terrarium Tutorials of the Web

As I mentioned in Mondays’ Journey Back in Terarrium Time post, I can’t seem to visit a blog or open a magazine and not see wee little gnomes standing on a mossy rock smiling back at me through glass these days. Below I have gathered my top 10 terrarium tutorials for those with a glass jar they can’t wait to fill with mini plants.

Back in April of 2007 I posted a tutorial right here on Naughty Secretary Club about how to make a wedding themed terrarium for a centerpiece at a reception.

It’s terrariumania over at West Coast Crafty! Susan took the 7 vintage Mason Jars she picked up at an estate sale for .50 and had herself a field day.

Susan mentions that the inspiration for terrariumania came from reading a post that Jenny wrote over on the Craft Zine Blog called Mason Jar Terrariums.

Andrea at Anything Indie popped her terrarium cheery with a post entitled My first Terrarium! Lot’s of links to fun places to score moss, mushrooms and containers.

Cottage Living has several cute terrarium ideas including one made from a hummingbird feeder and another from a glass Christmas ornament.

Is it any surprise that my favorite terrarium is the candy colored plastic version featured on Always Amy?

Apartment Therapy is of course chocked full of cute terrarium ideas.

Modish has a whole new series called Petals and Pedals by Renee Garner and you guessed it, they made themselves a terrarium.

Leave it to Martha Stewart to up the terrarium ante with a how-to video.

Cookie Magazine has a 5 page spread entitled Beautiful Kids Terrariums.

Don’t forget we are only half way through terarrium week. Tune in tomorrow for a terarrium shadow box picture frame how-to and Friday for a Terrarium shopping guide! Know any other terrarium tutorials on the web I forgot?

Honorable Mention
DIY Network – How to recycle a soda bottle into a terrarium.
Design for Mankind – Because their logo reminds me of a terrarium.
Flickr – Of course there is a terrarium pool.

7 Responses to “Homes for Gnomes: The Top 10 Terrarium Tutorials of the Web”

  1. Contessa Kris

    The terrariums are adorable! This might be the perfect project for the little one this summer. I especially love the ones where you can put little plastic animals in. I have the perfectly perfect spotted deer to use!

  2. Andrea

    OK, now you've done it, I'm going to officially go gaga over all of your fabulous Terrarium finds! Who knew there were so many places to out about these awesome mini gardens!

    good score Jennifer!

  3. Casey

    Wow, now my head is totally spinning! I think the kids would dig it, too, and I want to make one with a space man (and robots, of course). All too soon you'll also be thinking "This would be a great craft to do with Tallulah!";)

  4. Anonymous

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