Home Sweet Home

I’m back from my quickie 3 day trip to Dallas, McKinney actually. No one knows where McKinney is so I usually just say I am from Dallas to cut out all the explaining about it’s a small town about 45 minutes north of Dallas with the second largest grouping of historical homes in the state of Texas. Galveston is number 1. My parents live in a big pink Victorian house that is over 100 years old and even has a historical landmark. I grew up there, got married there and still get nostalgic for the house and my home town when I go to visit. I took a bunch of pictures this time around that are in my Flickr Account.

Besides visiting my parents and my grandmother my other main rationale for going home was to make my mother work. My mom is the queen of craft and I needed her to help me with a few projects. We worked on my TV tray for She’s Crafty and she helped me sew some top secret things. Hope and I were only there for a couple of days and got home last night in time to go downtown to Casino El Camino for the night with Erin. Now today I am working, relaxing, watching Bridge Over the River Kwai and dreaming about the crab rangoons that are going to be in my Chinese take out tonight!

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