Home Sweet Home

Like Whoa does it feel good to back home. Vacation rocked my face off, but as Dorothy said: “there is no place like home”. We got home about 2:30 yesterday and proceeded to sit on our porch in the sun and hang out with our shoes off. Our feet have funny spots all over them from wearing socks 24 hours a day with a brief shower intermission for the last two weeks in Europe. After relaxing on the porch it was dinner time, and I don’t mean fish and chips. A little known fact is that my husband is addicted to spaghetti, he has to have it at least 3 times a week for dinner. He often puts Brussels sprouts in the noodles and refers to them as “nature’s little meat balls”. Needless to say he was going through spaghetti withdrawals so that is what we cooked for dinner, sans sprouts. I was pumped to catch up on Big Love and made it through one episode before I passed out on the couch and Chris on the floor. Jet lag will get ya.

Here I am Thursday morning now trying to play catch up. Sorting through emails and doing laundry. I am also uploading all my pictures and working on a massive travel diary type blog entry that I will post soon.

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