Homburg Harry and Enid Collins

First of all I want to thank everyone for the condolence emails on my suitcase. Like I said those bad boys have not seen the last of me, I might still repaint them black and start all over.

In other news I am in McKinney visiting my parents for the week. Hope and I decided to hit several thrift stores and antique malls on the way down and like whoa am I glad we did. One of the many things I collect are odd little stuffed animals from the 1960’s. I scored 4 new little friends for my collection, one even still has his original tag. Apparently he is an autograph hound named Homburg Harry. Everybody better either write really small or you better not have very many friends. I remember I had everyone sign my Keds when I was in school, who needs a vinyl dog toy when you have a white canvas tennis shoes.

The other exciting purchase of the trip was that I managed to snag two Enid Collins purses, and for cheap! Plus they are the older box styles. One has a pig and says “Whole Hog” and the other has a bird and says “Bird In Hand”. Speaking of purses Hope also found 10 new vintage purses to paint, so expect some new Hot Pink Pistols Purses on the site soon.

Besides that the drive home was uneventful. I did an interview for a book that is being written by a nice guy named Rob Walker who wrote an article I once blogged called Craft Work.

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