Holy Moly is this going to be a long one.

I just got back last night from my trip to Las Vegas. I am poopersnickled and will be taking a break from all activities involving late nights, crafts and gambling for quite awhile. Ok so who am I kidding, just the gambling part will be kicked to the curb. My trip was so fun and amazing, I am sad it is over. I wanted to give you daily blow by blow details, but my internet would not work in the hotel. Plus there was never anytime to write anyway.

So let’s start with Sunday. I flew in with Vickie and her latest boy toy Nils. Upon arrival I got word that my friend Lisa Sichi who I was staying with was delayed and still in Burbank. This being the case I snuggled into an airport chair and played Tetris on my cell phone until she arrived. I was so happy to see Lisa, she was my producer on Craft Lab and Stylelicious. From here we made our way to our hotel, The Stratosphere. A bit off the strip, and nothing luxurious, but it was cheap. We spent the evening wandering around the hotel finding a bar, talking to a sweet cocktail waitress about her invention and having some quesadillas. My friend Traci Bautista, who was a guest on Craft Lab, called and invited us out. Lisa and I got gussied up and went over to the Hard Rock Hotel. Traci met us there and since she is a rock star crafter she got us ushered to the front of the line and into the hotel club Body English. Flavor Flav was there too! Inside the club we just kind of listened to the techno music and looked around. Traci also had us on the list for a club called Light at Bellagio so we headed there next. More dance music but this place had chicks pole dancing which was amusing and seemed so “Vegas”. Both hotels were awesome looking and fun was had by all. About 5am Texas time I crawled into bed.

Monday was the first day of the CHA Craft Convention, my main reason for going to Las Vegas. This place is HUGE and there are miles of vendors. One day Lisa wore her pedometer and she covered over 3 miles. I pretty much spent the entire day walking around and trying to take everything in. I met some really cool people from different companies like Duct Tape and Ranger Inks. Lisa introduced me to her good friend Tim Holtz who is a total doll and amazingly talented dude. He had the crafters lined up to get a sneaky peekie of his demos. Super Cool. That night Sterling Books was throwing a party for Vickie and several other knitters at The Venetian. Lisa, Traci and I all went over for free cocktails and appetizers. Very swanky. I got my picture taken with Kitty Bartholomew and met Cathie and Steve from Creative Juices (airs this Monday on DIY – tune in!) they were super duper sweet. After the reception Traci, Lisa and I went downstairs to Tao and had dinner.

Tuesday was day number two of the convention. The morning started off with Vickie and I having a meeting with a company there that might be working with the Austin Craft Mafia on some exciting new stuff. You heard it here first folks, we will keep you posted on all late breaking developments. Also that day there was a reception at the F&W Books booth. Traci was showing how to make one of her amazing collages and my other friend Claudine Hellmuth was there. Then as if it was not cool enough my friend Kathy Cano Murillo from Crafty Chica comes over. It was a crafter party complete with wine and cheese. The other good news is my good friend and producer Kate Turnipseed arrived. Kate works on That’s Clever and had to arrive at the convention a wee bit later than Lisa and I. That night Kate, Lisa and I went over to the Palms for dinner. We ate at some Mexican food restaurant there in the lobby that was good. We also got to see Hart and Huntington tattoo parlor from the A&E show Inked. I did not see any of the stars and luckily opted against a crafting tattoo. We met up with Traci later and we all went to the Ghost Bar which is on the roof of the Palms. There is even a spot with a glass floor that you can see down. Amazing view. Traci has a friend that works at The Palms so we even got a table. Did you know in some cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas it costs like $300 to have a table to sit at. Then you have to pay bottle service at that table, another couple hundred. Thank God Traci was there.

Wednesday was the last day of the convention and I was determined to go up and down every aisle of the general crafts room (there was also a scrap booking room). Oh and we did. I met some super nice ladies from Polyform. Syndee Holt one of their amazing designers gave me the bracelet right off her wrist! They have some new super light weight clay I can’t wait to play with. I also got to meet Mary Benagh O’Neil from Hot Potatos so that was cool too. By today my energy level was fading and all the booths were starting to blur together a bit. We ducked out a touch early and headed back to the pool and more importantly the hot tub. After a good long soak we started getting dressed for our last night in town. The three of us decided a stroll down the strip was the way to go. We started at Treasure Island where we got to see the show with the pirate ships and such. The three of us had dinner at a restaurant there called Kahunaville where older people with a lot to drink dance around on stage to MC Hammer. Oh I have video footage. We also bought matching eye patches here. Next stop was The Mirage. Here we just had a cocktail, played a few slots and I had some guy tell me I had a nice butt. Time to move down the street to Caesars Palace. This place was swanky looking with lots of marble and statues of naked people. We had a few drinks here and listened to a piano bar. After this stop we crossed the street and headed to The Flamingo. I have seen enough Rat Pack movies to know I had to at least stop by. Not the swankiest hotel on the strip. However, there was a nice quiet bar where the 3 of us got to catch up and I did win $27 on the slot machines here!

Thursday I flew home. Parting is such sweet sorrow. I am worn out from the trip, but I miss Lisa and Kate and since they live in Los Angeles I don’t get to see them very often. Chris and I went and had noodle bowls for dinner and I was in bed by 8 with my jammies on, Forensic Files pumping on the TV and checking email. The Stratosphere did not have internet connection as I mentioned so I had a ton of email to check. I capped the night off by watching the rest of a sad movie called Gods and Monsters. I started watching it on the plane, but my battery went out.

Today I have been emailing and playing catch up. I found out I am going to have pieces in the April issue of Elle Accessories. I am working on some pieces for a Vera Wang ad and Teen Vogue needs baubles. Plus there are all the people I met in Vegas I need to email and follow up with. Free lance writing gigs and more. I will be a busy bee for several days to come. Thank God my second assistant is starting next week. The main thing I learned in Las Vegas is I need to get on finishing up my book proposal, like pronto.

Whoa, I told you this was a long one.

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