Holy Macramé my mom is on TV this week!

This is going to be a fun week on Craft Lab and not just because my mom the most awesomest mom of all time is going to be on tomorrow’s episode. Although that does help. Let me give you a run down of this week’s episodes.

MONDAY: As mentioned Fredda Perkins is our guest in the lab. She and I make a tissue box out of a cigar box and then a memory table. I can’t wait for them to start showing the season 2 episodes and you can see the art deco inspired glass frames she and I make. They are awesome.

Here are 5 interesting facts about the episode Crafting with Mom

1) My mom made the Barkcloth jacket she is wearing in this episode because she is crafty like that.

2) If you look closely on the new set of the season 2 episodes of Craft Lab you can see that our set God Dave snuck the tissue box in.

3) My mom makes and sells those tissue boxes at Naughty Secretary Club. No you don’t have to get my face on yours.

4) One of the things my mom and I talk about when making the memory table is the fact that we are putting in a key to my first car. What we could not say (because it is a brand) is that my first call was a 1984 Chevy Suburban named Shamu. Click here to watch the video my husband made for his old band We Talked About Murder where you can see the car after my parents gave it to him for his band to tour in and they renamed it “The Coffin”.

5) One of the pictures of me we put in the table top is an oldie when I was living in England with crayola red hair and a leopard skin jacket. I did not make it to class a lot that semester.

TUESDAY: Susanna Conaway and I make a stained glass panel. This might have been my first time to really solder when we filmed this episode, now I love it!

WEDNESDAY: Twice in one week are we playing with cigar boxes in the craft lab this time it is to make a 3-D collage box with one of my favortist Craft Lab guests Claudine Hellmuth! Just yesterday I was standing in my kitchen thinking about Claudine as I looked at the little version of my family she made me for an episode we shot for season 2 that you have yet to see!

THURSDAY: The ever fun and vivacious Marty Stevens-Heebner stops by to make a Wire and Bead Creation with me. I was so happy to see Marty at this year’s CHA she was in the Stampinton booth because she made tsome jewelry for Belle Amore Jewelry. Speaking of I just sent them some jewelry for the next issue of Altered Couture, keep your fingers crossed something makes it in.

FRIDAY: Syuzi Pakhchyan and I do some Hi Tech Crafts in the lab. We make speakers for your IPOD and placemats that light up. Syuzi also came by and shot an episode for Craft Lab season 2 with us. More LED light action. Chris and I just bought new speakers yesterday, I should have watched this episode instead and just made a new pair.

Let us not forget Stylelicious where I get to hang out with the Austin Craft Mafia ladies and craft some wearables.

TUESDAY: Karly, Jesse and Vickie have a Vintage Revamp. The girls make fun stuff like a Mod skirt and an off the shoulder jacket. One of the best things about this episode is actually the field piece about vintage clothes shopping. If you live in Austin you know Blue Velvet on the drag is probably the best vintage store in town. Well our friend the owner Jennifer Barker-Benfield was nice enough to give a little tutorial on vintage clothes shopping in this episode. Telling you what to look for and such and you get to see inside her store!

THURSDAY: Hope, Susann and Tina get crazy with skirts! Is it a coincidence that I just added new purses hand painted by Hope to Naughty Secretary Club and one has a green alligator and on this episode Hope shows you how to make a no sew felt alligator skirt? Or did Hope plan it that way? Also learn how to clone a skirt and make a reversible skirt!

Remember if you love the shows so much it hurts be sure and write and tell DIY, they listen to you more than they do me. If you miss the new episodes of Crafty Lab they were showing on HGTV you can let them know here.

Also since I am talking about crafty TV I wanna give a big super HOLY MOLY THAT IS SO AWESOME I COULD JUST SPIT shout out to Cathie and Steve from Creative Juice. They have been nominated for a day time Emmy as Outstanding Lifestyle Hosts. Whoo-hoo!

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