Holy Crap We Have a Lot of Food Now

So yesterday I spent the entire day adding new goodies to the website. NOUVEAU EARRINGS, NOUVEAU BROOCHES and mostly REVAMPED VINTAGE EARRINGS. When I came home from Thanksgiving Saturday night there was a package for me from my friend Grace in NYC. Grace does all my graphic designs for ads and the cards my jewelry comes on, apparently she also used to make jewelry because she sent me a huge box of awesome beads. Plus I had come home with a ton of cool beads I had bought at the flea market in Dallas. So needless to say when Chris went off to see some band play Saturday night, the Misguided Lemmings if memory serves, I stayed home and made a TON of one of a kind earrings. That’s how I like to party on a Saturday night.

So Sunday I spent the entire day cleaning out the garage. You can actually walk around in there it is pretty amazing. That night I decorated for Christmas and talked to some friends out in Los Angeles.

As I said, yesterday I added new goodies to the website. Chris and I went on one of those “holy crap we have a lot of food now” type grocery shopping trips. I went from having a slice of processed cheese for breakfast and lunch yesterday because there was nothing to now it could take me hours to decide between cereal, yogurt, cottage cheese or English muffins for breakfast. The best part was I suckered Chris into making and eating sloppy joes with me last night for dinner. They were so white trash and yummy. We also watched Ordinary People which was super depressing. I made Rock-n-Roll Charm School Necklaces for Naughty Secretary Club and for Fred Flare.

My friend Amy Barber got her new web site Sweet Tooth Bags up and running. It looks super duper cute I am so pumped for her.

In music news after serenading Chris the whole way home from the grocery store last night singing “Lick it Up” by Kiss I just realized that song is not on my ITUNES. I gotta fix that pronto.

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