Highlights of my trip to Dallas….

Wondering where the heck-a-malecka I have been, well I’ll tell you.

I have been to McKinney to visit my parents, do some antique shopping and max and relax. Highlights include…

A trip for pizza at Campisi’s Egyptian in Dallas which is the closest thing Texas has to my beloved Davis Brothers Pizza in Peoria, IL.

The main reason for our journey was to attend a baby shower which got me to thinking about my own registry so I updated my Wist.

From Waco-McKinney we shopped for treasures at antique malls, flea markets and thrift stores. In Waco I picked up an amazing clay bust that has an uncanny resemblance to the one made of Lionel Richie in the “Hello” video that Hope is going to paint for me.

We got back from Dallas on Monday just in time for Vickie’s birthday dinner at El Chile complete with a handcrafted knitting themed cake. Speaking of Vickie’s birthday check out the amazing contest she is having on her blog where you can win 35 different books!

The rest of the week is being spent preparing for the East Austin Studio Tour (find me at 402-A Kirkwood Rd #141 on the map), putting together orders, gearing up for Top Chef and more!

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