Hey that’s my bathroom!?!?

I know you have just been lying in bed nights wondering: where in the world is Jennifer? Why hasn’t she blogged? What could possibly be wrong? Well OK maybe you never even gave my blogging absence a second thought and that is ok too, but for those that do care I went home for a few days. Home as in to my parents house. My sister called me Saturday morning to let me know she was making the drive from Austin to McKinney which is about 45 minutes north of Dallas and I of course could not pass up a trip to go home and be driven around and taken out for free meals. There is something about going home to visit your parents that makes everyone regress just a little bit. I kissed the kids (dogs) and husband goodbye and ran out the door with a small bag and my lap top and forgot to even pack my toothbrush. I did remember PJ pants thank God because we all know how I am about PJ pants. The trip was nice and relaxing just as I had hoped. We did our usual trips out to dinner, late nights up filled with crafts, shopping and more. I feel all rested and revived now! Right when Hope and I got back into town last night we had to go straight to an Austin Craft Mafia meeting so today is really my first day home since last night I showered and then got into bed and passed out. Life has not changed much around here except I swear I think the puppy grew while I was gone and she literally probably has. She was over 30 pounds last time I got on the scale with her and her paws are officially bigger than Lucy’s who is 85 pounds. Good God what have we done.

One of the most exciting moments of my visit home was finding my house in a book. I was at the Half Price book store in Dallas just minding my own business thumbing through old magazines and craft books when I picked up Kitschy Crafts: A Celebration of Overlooked 20th-Century Crafts by by Jo Packham and Matt Shay and started flipping through. My first thoughts were wow what cute old graphics and secondly this is a lot like Leah Kramer’s The Craftster Guide to Nifty, Thrifty, and Kitschy Crafts: Fifty Fabulous Projects from the Fifties and Sixties. Both have adorable re-do’s of old vintage craft projects like toilet paper covers and macaroni art. So anyway there I am flipping through and all the sudden I land on page 95 where a doll in a crocheted dress and a pink plastic elephant were staring back at me and I did a double take. I went though a range of emotions quickly from: “wow they’re cute” to “hmmm that looks vaguely familiar” to looking on the next page and shouting out loud in the book store “Hey that’s my bathroom”. I mean you can even see my tooth paste, prescription bottles, framed pictures of Chris and more. Most importantly you can see the amazing custom mosaic my mother Fredda Perkins did for my bathroom. Here are the two pictures from the book followed by a couple that I took.

I was kind of in shock and was freaking out about where these people had gotten the pictures from. The only person nearby was my dad who has been to my house like 5 times in the 6 years I have lived there so it did not resonate with him about the pictures. When Hope and my mom walked up they started making a commotion with me too and lots of “Oh My Gods” ensued thereafter. The next logical step was to flip though page by page and see if my house made any more guest appearances in the book and there on page 78-79 was my old living room. I still have the same living room, but that couch is no longer with us, it was humanely put down after the cat and the dog had their way with it over several years. At this point I am racking my brain about these pictures and something clicks. Years ago a girl named Denise who runs Pussycat Magazine came to visit all the way from New Orleans and took pictures of my house and told me they were going to be in a craft book. After Denise left things got busy because that fall was the taping of the first season of Craft Lab and Hurricane Katrina happened so between the two we just lost touch and I never heard from her again and assumed the book had fallen through. Little did I know until an Easter Sunday trip to a Half Price book store that the book had happened after all and that two rooms in my house had made the cut. Here is the picture of my living room from the book and then one I took before we arranged and got new furniture.

There it is my big exciting weekend away in glorious McKinney, TX. Besides the pleasant surprise of finding my house in a book not much of anything else happened and that is just the way I like it.

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  1. GeorgiaPeachez

    Dang, that’s pretty exciting! I love all the pictures and that mosaic your mom made with the vintage plaster fish is too fab. Now I’m going to go look for that book. xo, suzy

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Alicia I love your jewelry I must score one of the Mercury Grill rings my dad used to collect those cars when I was a kid.

    Georgia and Jules Fredda is pretty dang crafty. I collected plaster fish and through many moves most of them had broken and I kept them for some reason and she made me this mirror with their parts. I don’t know what we are going to do when we move since the wood is


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