Here is my life in quick and easy blurbs.

Jasmine brought her new puppy Trixie over to my house yesterday. This is the wee little pug with my big part mastiff dog Lucy. They were smitten on each other. Here they are having a grand old time. Jasmine usually works at the dining room table so she bought little kid gates for the two entrances in so Trixie can frolic and play, she actually just wanted to sleep in her little bed. Adorable!

Yesterday I added new NOUVEAU NECKLACES, REVAMPED VINTAGE EARRINGS and NOUVEAU RINGS to Naughty Secretary Club, be sure to check it out!

Let’s see here is my life in quick and easy blurbs: My personal trainer is quitting the gym so I have to get a new one, I am going to McKinney/Arlington tomorrow to visit my parents and attend a baby shower, I am having lunch today with a co-worker from when I was actually a secretary who I have not see in forever, I watched DeLovely last night and it sucked and I am bidding on some Barkcloth on EBAY. That’s it in a nut shell.

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