Hedwig, Brew Holster Cult and more!

Hedwig, Brew Holster Cult and More!

I have spent majority of the day laying on my couch. This was completely planned, and I am without a drop of guilt about it. Standing for 12 hours a day on set will wear you out. I watched bad movies, replied to emails and did a wee bit of housecleaning. Actually one interesting thing I saw today was a documentary about all these hipster bands that covered songs from Hedwig and the Angry Inch. My very favorite song from the movie was done by one of my very favorite super groups – The Bens (Ben Lee, Ben Kweller and Ben Folds). Now I need to download the whole album. Sleater Kinney, Spoon, Polyphonic Spree and more. Here is a You Tube clip from the movie of my song. I hate to say I like the Tommy Gnosis version better, but this one is so much more fun to watch.

Brew Holster Cult!
Originally uploaded by Craft Lab.

The first episode of the day on Friday was with Nici Williams of Brew Holster Cult. She is also in a band called ACD-She that does all ACDC cover songs. Awesome names. We made tooled leather beer holsters. They were so awesome and the ladies even let me take one home. The crafters got to make tooled leather belts and Amelia made me one that said Craft Lab and Sarah made me one that says Jennifer. In the middle today was another episode with Thomas Ashman who is super duper talented. He and his wifey Ramona are adorable and I love their stuff. At the end of the day was a jewelry episode with Maya Brenner. Maya’s jewelry is really lovely and she is super sweet. So sweet that she gave the crafters and I each a necklace. Mine is silver and gold with charms all over and I am quite smitten on it! See I am just making out like a bandit on this show getting to keep all this cool stuff.

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