Have I told you lately that my sister Hope Perkins is awesome?

This morning I received my Bust Line email from Bust Magazine and there was a write up about the A.I.R. Gallery Feminist Fashion Show and the first designer mentioned is my sister Hope Perkins. This is her dress “Donkey Show” that will be modeled in the event. If you live in NYC please stop by the and in the meantime read the Bust Line about it.

what: A.I.R. Gallery Feminist Fashion Show, co-sponsored by BUST, Ladyfest*East, and the Department of Craft

where: A.I.R. Gallery, 511 West 25th Street, Suite 301, NYC

when: Saturday, May 20th, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. (The Feminist Fashion Show will be staged as a two-hour long installation, which each audience member can observe at his or her own pace)

more: A.I.R. Gallery is the oldest artist-run gallery in the U.S.A. devoted to women’s artwork. As part of A.I.R. Gallery’s Night AIR series, a Feminist Fashion Show, co-sponsored by BUST Magazine, Ladyfest*East, and the Department of Craft, will be staged featuring clothing inspired by feminism. Works include Hope Perkins’ (of Hot Pink Pistol) “Donkey Show” dress which portrays an unrealistic version of the perfect man: he cooks, cleans and has rock hard abs, yet he is also as sweet as your favorite stuffed animal; Diane Arrieta’s “My Right to Choose,” a dress, constructed from wire hangers, that considers alternative methods should Roe v. Wade be overturned; Robyn Jordan’s “Super Bowl XXXVIII,” a combined replica of the clothing worn by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake for their half-time performance at the 2004 Superbowl; Cynthia Krewson’s “Calendar Girl,’ an ensemble celebrating two freedoms feminism has imparted to the contemporary woman: reproductive freedom made possible by birth control and the freedom of _expression modern Western fashion brings to women’s lives; and more.

The show is produced by artist Enid Crow and the works were selected by the editors of BUST Magazine, Museum at F.I.T. Director Valerie Steele, artist Mimi Smith, Kayte Terry of Ladyfest*East, artist and A.I.R. founder Daria Dorosh, designer Hannah Howard, and photographer Maki Kawakita.

designers: Diane Arrieta, Deborah Bohnert, Denise DiJoseph, Michelle Fried, Denise Nicole Green, Robyn Jordan, Karen J. Hay, Hannah Howard, Angela Keslar, Hyun Jung Kim, Kpoene’ Kofi-Bruce, Cynthia Krewson, Vivian Massry, Jane Allen Nodine, Hope Perkins (of Hot Pink Pistol), and Galen Warden.

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