Happy President’s Day

Today my friends is Presidents Day, so like any good red blooded American I am having a sale to celebrate. All our presidential jewelry at Naughty Secretary Club is 15% off for today only. Just enter the word President in the voucher field when you check out.

This includes our brand spanking new JFK earrings Ask Not, our recently restocked Abe Was a Babe Necklace and matching Honest Abe Bracelet, not to mention the Big Bucks Baller Necklace, Land of Lincoln pin and The Peanuts Pearly Whites Necklace. Has there ever been a better day to stock up on jewelry depicting your favorite founding father?

This being an election year and all (I just know you are all registered to vote) I thought I would do a pictorial guide of other presidential goodies we have had on Naughty Secretary Club through the years…

Ya – ya I know MLK was not a president, but we all know he should have been.

Let’s not forget the Naughty Secretary Club / Hot Pink Pistol collaboration for Stitch 2007 – presidents in glitter.

So happy presidents day from Naughty Secretary Club!

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