Happy Birthday Hope & Vickie!

I am so frustrated because right now I want to change my My Space song to “Camero” by this band called Hammerhead and it is not on there. It is kind of an obscure song featuring Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland, but man is it good and now it is stuck in my head. Luckily I have the Screwed soundtrack. I opted for “Everything Is” by Neutral Milk Hotel instead.

So here is a picture of Karly, Moi, Tina and Jesse at Stitch last week. The nice people at Craft Magazine were sweet enough to not only be sponsors of Stitch but to come out and visit the event. They took this picture of the 4 of us and also posted about us on their blog. I also found another article about Stitch in Austin Daze. If you find any articles, blogs or fun pictures about Stitch please send my way.

Speaking of Stitch, I just got myself another 31 Corn Lane bag this past week. Not only that I got one for a friend for a Christmas gift. Seriously the little roller totes are handy as all get out. It rolls up and gets really compact and then we you are on a serious shopping bender all you gotta do is unfold and roll and you are ready. I got it for when I go to trade shows like CHA and I have a million and one things to tote around in a giant convention center.

In other craft fair news after saying I was not going to do it, I changed my mind. I am going to have jewelry at the Blue Genie Christmas Bazaar. I feel like I live at this warehouse on the east side during the month of December every year. It is my favorite holiday craft show in all of Austin so be sure and come out and see the Austin Craft Mafia booth!

Oh and one more thing Birthday shout outs to my younger sister Hope Perkins who celebrates her special day today! Happy Birthday Vickie, she had her big day Saturday. Be sure and wish em well.

Here they are on the set of Stylelicious. Man my sister has a big pretty smile, wish I had gotten those genes!

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