Happy Birthday Hope Anna Banana

Wow if my younger sister is turning 30 today, what does that say about me? But this post isn’t about me it is about my amazingly talented and beautiful sister Hope Perkins. You might have seen her “jazzing or gussying up” some clothing on Stylelicious. Perhaps you have visited her web site Hot Pink Pistol or seen her hand painted purses at Naughty Secretary Club. If you flip through the current issues of Adorn, Bust, Tribeza or Altered Couture Magazines you will see her handy work gracing the pages. If you made it into the Duncan booth at Stitch you saw her life size cut out and quote not to mention her array of glittered presidents on the runway. If you pop into Method Hair or Gallery Lombardi today her paintings are on the wall. That sister of mine, it’s enough to make a gal proud.

If you are buddies with Hope, or if you have stalked her from afar and always wanted to meet her in person, please join us tonight at Club Deville around 9pm for a celebratory drink or two.

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  1. jungle dream pagoda

    Happy birthday Hope! I find your creativity and ability to express yourself in a most unique and artful way ,singularly exquisite and inspiring! Wish I could join you for drinks tonight!
    What a fabulously talented and unique family!


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