Happy Birthday Fredda, AKA Mom.

Today is not only the day the new Omen movie is being released; it is also my mother Fredda Perkins birthday. WHOO-HOO! As if this week was not exciting enough for her she is making her national TV debut on Stylelicious. That’s right kids you know how we have special guests each episode well this Thursday at 1:30 PM check out mom making the Record Bowl Bags she sells on Naughty Secretary Club. The brief segment was shot in my house and Chris wanted me to be sure and mention that the turntable you see pictured in the episode is his. It also happens to be one of the few episodes I shot with my sister Hope Perkins and Jen Arnston is also there! Look for Fredda on an episode of Craft Lab with me too making her Cigar Box Tissue Holders and a Resin covered table!

So I already mentioned all the things my mom makes and writes on Naughty Secretary Club during Mother’s Day, but you can really never talk about Fredda too much. She is a like a super mother of sorts. Here is a list of everywhere you can find her on the website.

Barkcloth Purses
Record Bowl Bags
Fredda Perkins Necklaces
Barkcloth Baby Bags
Pop Purses
Barkcloth Pillows
Belt Buckles
Change Purses
Barkcloth Stockings
Tissue Box Covers
Barkcloth Journals

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