Happy Birthday Chris-e-Poo!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Chris
Happy birthday to you!

Yup today is my hubbies berfday, I’m married to an older man now -at least for the next two weeks until I turn the exact same age. We are celebrating with dinner at the Austin Land and Cattle Company with his mom and grandma. We know how to party like rock stars. Ya his mom is a minister and his grandma is 86 so it is probably going to get pretty wild at dinner, I’m suspecting body shots of tequila and stuff. Other than that my day will be spent at the doctors office, continuing to furiously make jewelry for Austin City Limits and hopefully watching my taped episodes of Project Runway and Top Design before I read or see something that spoils it for me. Damn did I really just blog before 8 in the morning? When did this start happening to me?

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Chris-e-Poo!”

  1. Average Jane Crafter

    Blogging before 8AM is very cool. I’m hoping to bring back the morning and project it to the cool status it deserves.


    Happy Birthday to your Chris. My Chris’ birthday was yesterday – doo doo doo doo (twilight theme … kinda?)



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