Hankie Pankie

Yesterday I took a brief intermission from working to hit a few thrift stores with my sister Hope. As we were checking out at Thrift Land I noticed a plastic bucket on the counter full of vintage hankies! I scored myself 27. Hankies have such possibilities in the crafty world. I use them in my book to make jewelry, my mom has sewn them into purses and pin cushions, I have seen them make adorable curtains. I also love to use vintage hankies for color inspiration in my jewelry. The color combinations are so unusual and make me want to bust the beads out.

I also wanted to post these pictures to show you why blogging has become difficult for me recently. I have a little helper who really likes to get involved in everything, including hankie photo shoots.

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  1. bittystarr

    hi – I got your blog link from anythingindie.com and thought I’d stop by! I love your thriftstore finds (and I’m a tad bit jealous)…I developed an etsy produce to feed my thrift store addiction – I use old ties and scarves and other recycled fabrics in my papercuts! pop by if you’d like: http://bittystarr.etsy.com.

    I’ve bookmarked your blog and I’ll be back soon! I’ve always fancied


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