Handmade Spaces Studio Tour

Here I am in my old studio. Sure I love the bubblegum pink walls, Barkcloth curtains and Burt Reynolds standing guard in the corner, but I had outgrown this space. Plus Chris and I wanted to move into our master bedroom.

So we decided to convert our garage into a new studio space. All 500 sqaure feet of our 2 car garage was mine to sew, decopauge, drill and do whatever else my little crafty heart desired in.

It was a messy process I am not going to lie to you.

Eventually after several weeks of having workman in and out of our house the job was complete! Sure the walls and floor are white, but I have so much junk sometimes you just need white walls to off set everything else.

Wanna read more about my Handmade Space? Well there is an interview with me and pictures all about it on Modish today!

My first full day in Knoxville went fine. I was back at my hotel by early afternoon which is a good thing since I have so much email to catch up on! I played with finished projects, saw the amazing house we are filming in, had a Thai lunch and met the crew. Tomorrow I film six episodes, wish me luck!

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  1. Victoria

    Sorry, you’ve probably forgotten all about this by now. But I just saw a question from you on a blog called Cote de Texas about your family’s circular sofa. The name for it is a “borne” (which when you pronounce it with a French accent, which emphasises the final consonant, sounds like Borrrn-ah). I’m not sure where the name comes from. They used to be very popular in ballrooms, and then in hotel

  2. JenniferJangles

    You have inspired me, seriously, because of your post I am planning a studio change in my house. If you get a chance, I blogged about you and the new studio today.
    Thanks for the inpiration,


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