Handmade Nation – A New Clip

Today I got an exciting email from my friend Faythe Levine, there is a new clip of Handmade Nation out (AKA The Indie Craft Documentary). In case you are not familiar with Faythe and her team, they have been traveling the country filming different crafters about their beliefs in crafts and the DIY culture. I know I for one have been filmed at Stitch Austin and at the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair for the event. Faythe will be at Stitch again this Nov 10th showing a preview of Handmade Nation that is going to be amazing and we can’t wait!!!! In the meantime watch the preview, pass it on to friends and enjoy.

One Response to “Handmade Nation – A New Clip”

  1. Karen

    I loved this clip. It was such an inspiration to see what other women are doing. I saw you in it too. I am 48 years old and always have dreamed of having my own craft business. In honor, of my mother who just passed away this Friday maybe I can start something.


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