Hair Metal Twitters, Better Late Than Never

I kept a secret from you, I went to Dallas to see Cheap Trick, Poison and Def Leppard in concert this weekend. I didn’t try to keep it under wraps because I am ashamed, I’m pretty open about my soft spot for hair metal. Chris wanted me to keep things on the down low since we were out of town and the house was empty. That being the case it KILLED ME not to Twitter my way through the entire show. I so desperately wanted to give everyone blow by blow details of all the hair metal happenings in 140 characters or less. Since Chris would not let me do it live Friday night from the show at the Superpages center, I am going to do it now 2 days later on my blog. Here is what I would have Twittered starting from the moment we left my parents house that evening and headed for the show.

I wish someone would invent an app where I could see T’s baby monitor on my phone, only the second time we have been separated.

I skipped school once to come see the first Lollapalooza at this venue, now I’m pulling up with a car seat and a stroller.

OMG traffic sux I can hear Cheap Trick playing “The Flame” guess we are missing the opening band.

Our seats are about 10 rows back from the stage I can feel the heat from the pyrotechnics and see Bret’s weave perfectly.

Bret is wearing a Poison T-shirt, I hate it when bands wear their own shirts.

The girls in front of us clearly want to join the cast of Rock of Love with every ounce of their being.

Dear bass player why do you look like a Grunger? Remember they ended your career.

Ricki Rocket is changing jaunty hats after every song, currently he has on a leather biker cap.

Is Bret rapping, OMG I think Bret is rapping.

Ok Bret just did an outfit change into another sleeveless Poison shirt, I think he shaves his pits – ewegh.

Big John just came on stage!

This is my 3rd time to see Poison the last time was about 9 years ago.

I’m surprised that Def Leppard is headlining and the show is not a double headlining bill.

Phil Collin has an awesome body, but his sparkly pants and extra large hoop earring are killing me.

Dudes in sparkly faux rocker gear as far as the eye can see.

I didn’t know Vivian Campbell used to play with Dio.

The drummer thinks his kit is a Volkswagen there is a daisy in a vase and incense burning.

I think this might be the exact same set I saw Def Leppard do 2 years ago in San Antonio.

I better not be getting robbed with an acoustic version of “Brining on the Heartache”.

I wonder how many Ed Hardy products are in this venue?

Been gone over 5 hours, I only left 2 bottles, might ditch the encore.

We could have stayed for the encore, baby asleep until we walked in the door.

So that is what I would have Twittered if I could have Twittered. The show was pretty dang rad and lots of fun. Totally worth the drive to Dallas. Not to mention I had not been to my parents house in 9 months and was due for a visit. Plus I got to hit virginal Half Price Book Stores and raid their vintage craft book selection, do some thrifting, see my adorable nieces and get a home cooked meal. Glad to be back home. Thanks Joey and Erin for the so close I felt guilty sitting during the concert because the bands could see me concert tickets and for the pictures.

4 Responses to “Hair Metal Twitters, Better Late Than Never”

  1. Erin J

    I love it! I admit I was not super psyched seeing as how most of the time "Pour some sugar on me" is blaring from a speaker, I roll my eyes as everyone gets excited and sings along.. but being there.. yes 10 rows away.. and well maybe it had just a bit to do with the beer.. but I really enjoyed the ROCK! And it was great to see you guys! What oh what will be our next awesome rock show..

  2. Anandi

    Poison was the first hair metal concert I ever attended, when I was 13, kicking off a long series of hair metal shows 😀 I did see Def Leppard about 2 years ago as well, and was not that impressed. Hopefully Poison has held up better over the years 😀


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