Great American Craft Off – and woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

This has been the week of hot crafty gossip has it not. First the new Buy Handmade site and now today I get an email about the Great American Craft Off. This looks like a pretty fun crafting contest where you can win all kinds of awesome prize packages like sewing machines, Michaels gift cards, a feature in Adorn, A copy of Nifty, Thrifty and Kitschy Crafty by Craft Lab guest Leah Kramer. If you consider yourself particularly crafty you might want to check this contest out.

In other news I am officially getting to that point with Stitch where I lay in bed at night and ruminate due to the stress, even Forensic Files last night could not lull me to sleep. Picture planning the perfect party for 4,000 people every year, it’s a little daunting. Everything is right on track with Stitch planning and there is no drama, it is just that 3 week before point that every year I start to do this and dream about Nov 11th like a child dreaming of Christmas day. That is the day after Stitch of course. I get Sunday off, well not really because I have house guests, and then I immediately fly to Dallas on the Monday following Stitch to see my family and meet with a company out there for business. I fly back Thursday the 15th right after my meeting and have to go straight from the airport to one of our two Stitch after parties. Starting on the 16th I have to kick it into high gear and finish the manuscript for my book that is due December 1st. Two weeks is enough time right? Just kidding I have been sneaking in some writing in-between plugging Stitch I just finished up the Ravishing Receptionist and Whistle at Work projects last night. About the time I am done with the book my Christmas orders should really be in full throttle and keeping me up to my ears in jewelry. So I guess technically that nagging feeling will not pass until the first of the year. That’s only 2 months, I can do it right?

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  1. Crafty Chica

    you can do it, and you will do it with all your style and glory and we will all love it!!! fire up the cappuccino machine, you are ready to rock!!!


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