Googly eyes and weiners are always funny.

My sister Hope Perkins, who you might know for her hand painted purses at Naughty Secretary Club, just got a new website and I am so jealous I could spit. Feast your eyes upon the new and improved HOT PINK PISTOL. You can see all her hand painted clothing, suitcases, art and more. This picture of Tupac in a Carmen Miranda style hat is one of my personal favorites on the site.

Oh and if you want your site to look this pretty contact Karly Hand. You might also take a gander at her work on the Stitch site.

If you live in Austin and want to see this painting as well as some other pieces of art by Hot Pink Pistol come out this Saturday February 24th to Lowbrow for an art opening. The Lowbrow Emporium is a new funky little shop at 2708 S. Lamar (right where Manchaca dead ends into Lamar). The party starts around 7 and is sponsored by Lone Star Beer, so you know what that means!

There will also be art by: Alex Despain, Angel Ortega, Bryan Nelson, CUF, Hank St. John, Karen Slafter, Matthew Collum, and Merillee Phillips.

 Lucky for me Hope is going to continue selling her purses through Naughty Secretary Club. Just this week I noticed an order for one in my inbox from one of my favorite fellow crafty Texan’s Julie Jackson of Subversive Cross Stitch. It was like karma because via a link at 52 Projects I realized that Julie was the winner of a crafy challenge involving applying googly eyes to food products judeged by Amy Sedaris. Pictured is her winning entry of a hot dog octopus which I think is genius! For those of you that are vegans you could do the same thing with a Tofu Pup with an equally comical effect. Googly eyes and weiners are always funny.

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