Glamping at the Serengeti Resort

Glamping is a term I first heard on the Real Housewives. I’m not sure which one, I think Orange County maybe. Glamping is like camping, but much more luxurious – think air conditioned tents and pools. What better place to hold a bachlorette party than at safari themed resort in the Texas wilderness. Let me introduce you to the Serengeti Resort.

I’m not a huge fan of animals in captivity, but what was I going to do – say no? I don’t have that much willpower to turn down wine tastings, wild golf cart rides where you get chased by giraffes, grilled vegan smores and late night games of Cards Against Humanity. I just kept telling myself they were rescue animals. I never asked so they could have been. Either way everyone seemed happy, had tons of room to roam and cute little giraffe shaped houses to sleep in.

I wish I had gotten pictures of Boomer the resident Great Dane and the orange cat that followed my sister around the entire day and even snuck into our tent at night to sleep with us. This is Clyde the camel. He is best friends with the giraffe.

Can you tell from my pictures the golf carts around the ‘safari’ were my favorite part? As I mentioned there was wine sampling, a swimming pool, hot tub, cabins, fancy dining, playground and more. We chose the glamping option, but we could have stayed in something more like a hotel room had we chosen to. I should also mention that yes I went with a rowdy bunch of ladies for a Bachlorette party, but I would take my kids here in a heartbeat too. There were also couples on honeymoon. Something for everyone.

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  1. Best Dolls

    Views over the escarpment are fantastic, a great pool if you have time, and the "tenting" experience with all the bells & no downside. The staff & food were excellent; we just needed more time to enjoy the luxury on our first night on safari. Great wildlife in the vicinity. The best of the lodges we stayed in during the week. Wake up to the morning corus at dawn – only on safari


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