Girl Band List

The longest GIRL BAND LIST this side of the Mason Dixon line. I have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible. Did I forget someone or get something wrong? All you gotta do is leave a comment for the post. I originally did this post on Get Crafty years ago and just decided to move it here to the blog from it’s second home at Naughty Secretary Club.

A The Aislers Set, Air Miami (Unrest, Velocity Girl &Panax), The Amps (Breeders & The Pixies), The Anniversary, April March, Aquanettas, The Adverts, Atari Teenage Riot, Atombombpocketknife, Autoclave (Slant 6 , Quixotic, Helium, Mind Science of the Mind, & Mary Timony),Abba, Autocollants (Test Pilot), Fiona Apple, Astroblast, The Aquadays, Au Pairs, American Analog Set, The And/Ors, Adickdid (Kaia, Team Dresch, The Butchies, Juned, & The Teen Angels), Apehouse (The Delta 72, Getaway Car, Star Sign Scorpio, Cupid Car Club, Skull Control, and Red Eye), The Action Time, The Applicators, The Ashley Stove ,Azure Ray, Agent Oragami, Altered Images, Anamotion, Arcade Fire, Architecture in Helsinki, Lilly Allen, Asobi Seksu, Autocollants, Autolux, Ambulette (Denali)

B Bif Naked, The B-52’s, Babes in Toyland (Crunt), The Bangs (Witchy Poo), Barcelona, The Beautys, Beekeeper (K & Ida), Belly (Tonya Donnelly & Throwing Muses), Bikini Kill (The Frumpies, Viva Knieval, Julie Ruin, Le Tigre, Helter Skillet, Panax, Suture, Wondertwins, The Feebles, Severed Lethergy, Spray Painted Love, Chopped Liver, Weird War & The Fakes), BIS, Bjork (Gling-Glo, Kukl, Tappi Tikarras & The Sugar Cubes), Black Tamborine (Gloworm & The Castaway Stones), Bananarama (Shakespeare’s Sister), Blake Babies (Juliana Hatfield), Blast Off Country Style (Hot Pursuit), Blondie (Debbie/Debrah Harry & The Jazz Passangers), Bonfire Madigan (Tattle Tale), Boss Hog, Bratmobile (Cold Cold Hearts, Deep Lust & The Pee Chees), Butter 08 (Cibo Matto), Breeders (Pixies, Ladies Who Lunch, Belly, Tonya Donnelly, Kelly Deal 6000 & The Amps), The Brittle Stars, Broadcast, Butterglory, The Bangels, Bettie Serveert, Bow Wow Wow, The Boredoms (Free Kitten), Beat Happening, Blonde Red Head (The Lapse, The Van Pelt, & Enon), The Body Snatchers, Buffallo Daughter, The Bobby Teens, Black Flag (Dos), Bonnot Gang, The Butchies (Kaia, Adickdid, & Team Dresch), Black Fork, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Belle and Sebastian, Berlin, Kate Bush, The Booty Olympics (The Friggs), Black Cat #13, Bristles, The Bangles, Beauty Pill, Blast Off Country Style, Bonde do Role, The Blow, Broken Social Scene

C Candy 500, Canannes, Cardigans, Cadallaca (Sarah Dougher, The Lookers, The Haggard, Sleater Kinney, The Crabs & Excuse 17) Cartwheel, The Castaway Stones (Black Tamborine & Gloworm), Cat Power, Cheesecake, The Chubbies, Cibo Matto (Butter 08), Cocteau Twins (Massive Attack & This Mortal Coil), Cold Cold Hearts (Bratmobile, Dig Yr Grave, & Deep Lust), Combustible Edison, Julee Cruise, Containe (Versus), Concrete Blonde, The Cradle Robbers (Lois, Courtney Love, & The Spinanes), Cranes, Crowsdell (Shannon Wright), Crunt (Babes in Toyland), The Cupid Car Club (Delta 72, Getaway Car & Star Sign Scorpio), Curve, Cuties With an Attitude, Comet Gain (Ray-K-Ray & Proper Little Madams), Circus Lupus, The Cramps, Cub, Chia Pet, Creatures (Souxie and the Banshees), Cinerama, Chicks on Speed, Cath Carrol, Calamity Jane, Come (Dangerous Birds, Uzi & Live Skull), The Crabs (Sarah Dougher, The Lookers, & Cadallaca), C.O.C.O., Andi Camp, Kim Carnes, Debra Clinger, Catapult, Cococandissi, Kelly Clarkson, CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy), Camera Obscura

D Damnbuilders (Mind Science of the Mind), Cynthia Dahl, Dig Yr Grave (Deep Lust, Bratmobile & Cold Cold Hearts), Dead Can Dance, The Delgados, The Delmonas (Holly Golightly & Thee Headcoatees), The Delta 72 (Cupid Car Club, Getaway Car, Star Sign Scorpio, Skull Control, Red Eye, & Apehouse), Dickless (Teen Angels), Demolition Doll Rods, Tonya Donnelly (Throwing Muses & Belly), Dot Allison, The Drop 19’s, Dusty Trails (Luscious Jackson & The Kostars), The Dandy Warhols, The Donnas, Ani DiFranco, Drowners Sailing (The Swells), Sarah Dougher (Cadalica, The Crabs & The Lookers), Dance Hall Crashers, Dressy Bessy, Gene Defcon, The Dishes, Deep Lust (Cold Cold Hearts, Bratmobile, Dig Yr Grave), Deerhoof, Dos (Black Flag), The Dead Teenagers, Death by Chocolate, The Drive, The Distillers, The Devotchkas, Death Wish Kids, Kiki Dee, Denali, Deviant, The Dears, Deerhoof, The Decemberists

E Echobelly, Egon, Elastica, Emily’s Sassy Lime, Eskimo Kisses, Ethyl Meat Plow, Everything But the Girl (Marine Girls), Excuse 17(Sleater Kinney),The Eyeliners, Eric’s Trip (Julie Dorian), Experimental Aircraft (The Swells), Essential Logic (Lora Logic & X Ray Spex), Enon (The Van Pelt, Blonde Red Head, & The Lapse), ESG, Sheena Easton, Erase Errata, The Epoxies, Easy World, Maggie Estep, Eve’s Plumb, Earlimart,

F 5th Column, The Fakes (Viva Knieval, Bikin Kill, Julie Ruin, Helter Skillet, & Le Tigre) 45 Grave, Fluffy, The Frumpies (Bikini Kill, Star Sign Sorpio & Frenchie and the German Girls) Fugees (Lauryn Hill), Furry Things, Fuzzy, Foxy Brown, The Fastbacks, Lita Ford (The Runaways), Free Kitten (Pussy Galore, Halo of Kitten, The Boredoms, & Sonic Youth), The’s, Flogging Molly, Film, Frenchie and The German Girls (The Frumpies, Star Sign Scorpio, and Bikini Kill), Fleetwood Mac, Frogpond, Four Nonblondes, The Frigs (The Booty Olympics), The Fall, The Four Corners, Frankenixon, Fabu, Edith Frost, Fannypack, Feist, Fergie, Frou Frou, The Fiery Furnaces

G Diamanda Galas, Galaxie 500 (Damon and Namoie), Garbage, Gaze (Go Sailor, Tiger trap, Rose Melberg, The Softies & Tiger trap), Gentle Waves, Glow Worm (Black Tamborine & The Castaway Stones), Geek (Grenadine, Licorice, My New Boyfriend & Tsuamni), Grenadine (Geek, My New Boyfriend, Licorice & Tsuamni), Gus Gus, Guv’ner, The Go-Go’s, Gling Glo (Bjork, Kukl, Tappi Tikarras & The Sugarcubes), God is my Co Pilot, Groovie Ghoulies, The Geraldine Fibbers, The Gossip, Gritty Kitty, The Gossip, Gang of Four, The Get Hustle, Geraldine Fibbers, Go Sailor (Rose Melberg, The Softies, Gaze, & Tiger Trap), Nina Gordon, Getaway Car (The Delta 72, Star Sign Scorpio, Cupid Car Club, Bikini Kill, Frumpies, Skull Control, Red Eye & Apehouse), Glitter Mini 9, Gore Gore Girls, Gertrude, Girlschool, Gritty Kitty, The Gymslips, The Gitz, The Go Team, Goldfrapp

H Juliana Hatfield (Blake Babies),Thee Headcoatees (Holly Golightly & The Delmonas), Heavenly (Marine Research & Tagulah Gosh), Helium (Autoclave, Mind Science of the Mind, The Spells & Mary Timony), Helter Skillet (Julie Ruin, Viva Knieval, Bikini Kill, Le Tigre), Lauryn Hill (Fugees), His Name is Alive, Hole, Holiday Flyer, Holly Golightly (Thee Headcoatees & The Delmonas), Hot Pursuit (Blast Off Country Style & Tuscadero), Huggy Bear (Blood Sausage & The Phantom Pregnancies) , Hooverphonic, Heart, Debbie/Debrah Harry (Blondie & The Jazz Passangers), The Heartworms, Huon (The Long Weekend), The Haggard, The Holy Rolers, Nina Hagen, PJ Harvey, The Hangovers (Voodoo Queens & The Raincoats), Halo of Kitten (Pussy Galore & Free Kitten), Hazel (Team Dresch), The Hissyfits, Emily Haines (Metric)

I Ida (Bee Keeper & K), I Am Spoonbender, Iota Songs, Ivy , I am the World Trade Center, Ill Ease (Skinner Pilot & New Radiant Storm King) IQU, Internal External, In the Nursery, Indigo Girls (Amy Ray), Isobella

J Jale, Jejune, The Jewws, Julie Dorion (Eric’s Trip), Juned (Adickdid), The Jazz Passangers (Debbie/Debrah Harry & Blondie), Junior Varsity, Joan Jett (The Runaways), Japancakes, Jawbox, Japanic, Joydrop, Zenda Jacks

K Killer Barbies, Kitty Kraft, Kostars (Luscious Jackson & Dusty Trails), Komeda, Knife in the Water, Kicking Giant, Kaia (Team Dresch, The Butchies & Adickdid), King Kong, Karaneedoke, Kitty Kat Spy Club, Chaka Kahn, Kukl (Bjork, The Sugar Cubes, Gling Glo & Tappi Tikarras), The Knife, Kelis

L L7, Ladies Who Lunch (Luscious Jackson & The Breeders), Laika and the Cosmonaughts, Licorice (Tsuamni), Lolita #18 ,Lois (Courtney Love & The Cradle Robbers), Los Fresnos Rebeldes, Mary Lou Lord, Love Spirals Downward, Courtney Love (Lois & The Cradle Robbers), Low, Lung Leg, Luscious Jackson (Kostars, Ladies Who Lunch & Dusty Trails), Luna Chicks, Lush (Sing Sing), Lydia Lunch, Lora Logic (Essential Logic & X Ray Spex), The Lapse (Blonde Redhead, The Van Pelt, & Enon), Le Tigre (Bikini Kill, Julie Ruin, Helter Skillet, The Fakes, & Viva Knieval), The Long Weekend (Huon), Little Kim, The Ladybug Transistor, Licorice (Grenadine, Tsuamni, Geek, My New Boyfriend), The Lies (Bonnot Gang & Film), The Lookers (Sarah Dougher, Cadallaca & The Crabs), Liliput, Lipkandy, Live Skull (Come & Uzi), Ladytron, Little Champions, Cyndi Lauper, Lords of Acid, Les Baton Rouge, The Lemon Drops, Luxx, Little Red Rocket, Lucy Loves Schroeder, Ladytron, Lady Soverign, The Like

M Madder Rose, Magnapop, Magnetic Fields, The Makeup, Barbara Manning (The S.F. Seals), Marine Girls (Everything But the Girl), Mecca Normal, Marine Research (Heavenly & Tagulah Gosh), Mary’s Danish, Massive Attack (Tricky & Cocteau Twins), The Maulies, Mazzy Star (Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions), Medicine, Rose Melberg (The Softies, Go Sailor, Gaze & Tiger Trap), Mind Science of the Mind (Autoclave, Helium, The Spells, The Damnbuilders, & Mary Timony), Miranda Sex Garden, Mocket, Mojave 3, The Muffs (The Pandoras), My Bloody Valentine, Mercury Rev, Mile Marker, The Mendoza Line, The Mekons, Melt Bananna, My New Boyfriend (Tsuamni, Grenadine, Licorice & Geek) Mates of State, Masonic, Macabees, Moonkat, Milena, Alannah Myles, Mirah, Mum, Manda and the Marbles, Missing Persons, Katheryn Musilek, Daniela Mercury, Morcheeba, Aimee Mann, M.I.A., Metric

N The Need (TheTransfused), New Radiant Storm King (Skinner Pilot & Ill Ease) The Neptunas, Nashville Pussy, Now It’s Overhead, Niki and The Corvettes, Naked Aggression, No Doubt, New Young Pony Club

O Beth Orten, Sinead O’ Connor, Tara Jane O’Neil (Sonora Pine, Retsin, & Rodan)

P Dolly Parton, Panax (Bikini Kill, Air Miami, Velocity Girl, & Unrest), Papas Fritas, The Pee Chees (Bratmobile), Phranc, Picasso Trigger, Pixies (Breeders & The Amps), The Plasmatics (Wendy O. Williams), Por Avion (The Teacups), Penetration, Pork, The Process, The Pugs, Pussy Glaore (Free Kitten & Halo of Kitten), The Pandoras (The Muffs), Potishead, The Pretenders, Liz Phair, The Pogues, The Pastels, The Pogues, Pussycat Trash, Pank Shovel, Peaches, Pram, Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Pleasure Seekers, Poe, Puffy Ami Yumi, Pizzicato Five, Prototypes, The Pipettes

Q Quasi (Sarah Dougher & Cadallaca) ,Quixotic (Slant 6 & Autoclave), Suzi Quatro, Queen Bee, Queen Adreena

R The Raincoats (The Slits, Gina Birch & The Hangovers), Rainer Maria, Red #9, Retsin (Tara Jane O’ Neil, Sonra Pine & Rodan), The Rondells, Royal Trux, Ruby (Silverfish), Ruby Falls, Julie Ruin (Bikini Kill, Helter Skillet, Le Tigre, The Fakes & Viva Knieval), The Runaways (Lita Ford & Joan Jett), Romeo Void, The Rondelles, Rodan (Tara Jane O’Neil, Rodan, Retsin, & Sonara Pine), The Rachels, The Rentals (That Dog), The Red Aunts, Raooul (The Tourettes), Red Level Eleven, Amy Ray (Indigo Girls), The Riff Randells, Revenge of the Bad Apples, Rilo Kiley, Robots in Disguise

S Skull Control (Getaway Car, The Delta 72, Star Sign Scorpio, Cupid Car Club and Apehouse), 7 Year Bitch, Saint Etienne (Sarah Cracknel), Scandal, Scrawl, The Search for Saturnalia, Secret Stars, Seely, The S.F. Seals (Barbara Manning), Shampoo, Shonen Knife, Silverfish (Ruby), Sincola, Sing Sing (Lush), Sixteen Deluxe, Skunk Anansie, Slant 6 (Autoclave, Tareo Balero, Quixotic), Sleater Kinney (Heaven’s to Betsy, Quasi, Sarah Douger, Cadallaca, Excuse 17, & The Spells), Sleeper, The Slits (The Raincoats), Small Factory, Smashing Pumpkins, Sneaker Pimps, The Softies (Rose Melberg, Gaze, Go Sailor, & Tiger Trap), Solex, Sonic Youth (Free Kitten), Souxie & The Banshees (The Creatures), The Spells (Sleater Kinney, Autoclave, Mind Science of the Mind, Mary Timony & Helium), The Spinanes (The Craddle Robbers), Spiritualized, Stereolab, The Sub Debs, Subsonics, Sugar Cubes (Bjork, Kukl, Tappi Tikarras & Gling Glo), The Sundays, Superchunk, Super Junky Monkey, Super Star Disco Club, The Swells (Drowners Sailing & Experimental Aircraft), The Swirlies, Poly Styrene (X Ray Spex), Patty Smith, Skinner Pilot (Ill Ease & New Radiant Storm King) Sonora Pine (Rodan, Retsin, & Tara Jane O’Neil), SWV, Super Snazz, Swallow, Suddenly Tammy, Slumber Party, Star Sign Scorpio (Bikini Kill, The Frumpies, Cupid Car Club, The Delta 72, Getaway Car, Star Sign Scorpio, Skull Control, & Apehouse), Smog, Southern Culture on the Skids, S. Process, Seafood, Sexy Finger Champs, The Seconds ( The Bodies, Highschool Hell Cunts, The Strap Ons), Shade, Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions (Mazzy Star), The Stratford 4, Shade, Sympathetic Magic, Superchick, She, Sweetater, Splendora, The Sick Bees, The Swans, Michelle Shocked, Slum City, Stars, Smoosh, Shiny Toy Guns, Scissor Sisters, Regina Spektor

T Tagulah Gosh (Heavenly & Marine Research), Tareo Balero (Slant 6), Tattle Tale (Bonfire Madigan & Jen Wood), Team Dresch (Kaia, Hazel, The Butchies & Adickdid), Teen Angels (Dickless & Adickdid), Test Pilot (Autocollants), This Mortal Coil (Cocteau Twins and Massive Attack), Throwing Muses (Tonya Donnelly, Breeders, Kristin Hersh & Belly), Tiger Trap (The Softies, Gaze, Rose Melberg, & Go Sailor), Mary Timony (Helium, Mind Science of the Mind, The Spells & Autoclave), Toadies, The Trashwomen, Two Ton Boa, Tribe 8, Tricky, Tsuanmi (My New Boyfriend, Grenadine, & Geek), Tuscadero (Hot Pursuit), The Talking Heads, That Dog (The Rentals), Tom Tom Club, Tuuli, Tourettes (Raooul), Tracy + The Plastics, The Transfused (The Need), Tina Turner, The Temper Tantrums, Tappi Tikarras (Bjork, The Sugar Cubes, Gling Glo & Kukl), Thunderthighs, Tsunami Bomb, The Thermals, Tegan and Sara

U Unrest (Air Miami, Velocity Girl , & Panax), Unwound, Urban Legends, Ultababyfat, Uzi (Come & Live Skull), Umpire

V The Van Pelt (Blonde Redhead, Enon & The Lapse), Velocity Girl (Unrest, Panax, Air Miami) Versus (Containe), Veruca Salt, Virginia Dare, Vixen, The Volumptous Horror of Karen Black, Voodoo Queens (The Hangovers), The Velvet Underground, Viva Knieval (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, Julie Ruin, The Fakes, & Helter Skillet), Vaselines

W Wendy O. Williams (The Plasmatics,) We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It, Wolfie, Windy & Carl, Jen Wood (Tattle Tale), Shannon Wright (Crowsdell), White Zombie, The Wicked Farleys, Witchy Poo (The Bangs), The White Stripes, Dar Williams, Gillian Welsh, The Waitresses, Watson Twins

X X Ray Spex (Essential Logic, Poly Styrene, and Lora Logic), X, XIU XIU

Y Yo La Tengo, Young Marble Giants

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  1. Anonymous

    To Clarify: Groups in parenthesis are what exactly? Other groups band members from the listed group have played in?

    Also, In my extensive search for girl punk, I have located many bands including 2 that don't appear in your list:
    The Dirty Panties


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