Garage Studio Conversion

Did I mention that I was taking the big leap and having my garage converted into an office/studio space? Well I am. I have been working out of the master bedroom of my house for almost 5 years and am finally going to actually move a bed in this room and my jewelry to the new office. If you remember the blog post about my messy studio you will know why I need a bigger space. I am super excited, but right now everything from my attic and garage is all over my house while the renovations take place.

This is my dining room currently. Needless to say we are not having a lot of meals in there at the moment.

The pretty much empty garage. Chris got some free office furniture that is too big to move into the house and I have two vintage couches out there I am trying to get rid of.

Yesterday the sheet rock came down and the air conditioning was run into the room. I am ordering lights, fan and flooring this weekend.

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  1. Crafty Chica

    this is my dream project! we keep saying we are going to move our studio out of our closed off living room and into the garage. you’ve inspired me!!!! keep postingpix of the progress!!!! love it!


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