Garage Studio Conversion Part 2

I hate feeling trapped in my own house. Today they are brining in the insulation for the garage so I am having to stowaway with Lucy and Georgie in my office. Not that I wouldn’t be back here working anyway, but I wouldn’t have the door closed and my pets trapped with me. The guys keep leaving the door open so I don’t trust the kids not to make a break for the great outdoors so they are trapped under my watchful eye. I’ll be so happy when they are all done with the garage. When you work from home it is very disconcerting to have strangers in and out of your house all day making loud hammering noises. Every time I hear someone in the bathroom I have mini panic attacks thinking things like “Did I picked my underwear up off the floor when I took a bath?” Not that I think the workman are in my bathroom with my underwear on their head and my toothbrush God knows where, but ya know strangers in the house is just weird. I think we are making some headway on things and maybe by the first week in October things should be done. Sheetrock should be coming today or tomorrow and Lowe’s called to tell me my new flooring was in. I’m just ready to put things back in the attic and have a normal house again. Speaking of the attic Chris heard something scratching around up there last night. I hope whatever rodent it is gets discouraged about their new home when the insulation goes in today. It was double weird because we watched that movie Willard Sunday night. I am hoping it was Socrates up in the attic and not Ben. Anyway, not too much longer… I can be brave. It’s only complicating my life a little bit before it makes my life awesome in my new studio!

3 Responses to “Garage Studio Conversion Part 2”

  1. Candie

    Congrats on the studio conversion! Looks like it’s going to be awesome. I love having a place just for creating (or housing my crafty mess).

  2. Dave Lowe

    Put a drawing table in the top picture and a few Star Wars toys on a shelf and it would pretty much look like the mess my studio is 24/7


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