Ga Ga for Game Boards

Vintage game boards used as home decor? Absolutely!!

After a recent trip to Red’s Porch I’m in love. Not with the restaurant’s food (though it was pretty dang yummy & extra kids friendly for a place I thought was a bar), but with their decor. Actually it was one wall in particular.

It was a bit cosmic that I happened to go to lunch at Red’s with some friends as I had just been thinking about board games as home decor. Why I don’t know, but I had. When I spied the wall covered in vintage game boards at Red’s it was as if fate was trying to tell me something. Like add vintage board games to the slew of collections you have pronto.

Remember my fireplace issues? What if I covered the fire place in board games? I never actually light a fire in there so why not. I think I would feel better about it if my walls were white/cream and not blood red. I can hear my mother now saying “your eyes need to rest, there is too much going on in your living room”. This from the woman who has more stuff on the walls and on the shelves than I do plus patterned wallpaper, furniture covered with flowers and Persian rugs. Maybe I should revisit my fireplace screen idea and make one out of board games and split the difference.

I think my love of board game decor all started when I got a copy of Better Homes and Garden’s Collector’s Style – Decorating With the Things You Love. Right there on the cover is a hutch sandwiched between 4 Chinese Checkers board games. Once I saw this I added a few to my collection stat.

Though not a board game, I threw a Pachinko Machine in for good measure.

Another of my fave home decorating books is Budget Living’s Home Cheap Home – A Room by Room Guide to Decorating. This book is where I got the inspiration for the board game shelving in my jewelry studio.

Board games as end tables seems to be popular. I originally saw the idea in a book called Retro Revamp – Funky Projects From Handbags to Housewares. I’ve seen the game board table again through the years like this cutie from Hallmark Magazine I spied on Poppytalk, but none have been as fun as the Mystery Date End Table with lime green ball fringe.
I’ve seen lot’s of other cute uses for game boards. Spice up a nursery like this cutie from Oh Dee Doh. Speaking of kids make the view from the changing table a little more exciting like Amber did. What about a bulletin board like this one from Poppy Talk? Wouldn’t a bulletin board made from 4 vintage Golden Books be cute too. Frame them in dominoes too?

Do I need to convince you anymore of game board cuteness? Do you have any games on display at your house?

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