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Remember when a really wise person, who albeit went on to have doody bubbles removed by her husband on national television said; “I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way”? Well apparently Austin’s Future Craft Collective agrees whole heartedly with that sentiment. This group of crafty Austin ladies has started something that I as a new mom am super interested in and excited about. Given the Future Craft Collective might not be applicable to Lil’ whip and I for awhile yet, but as soon it is consider me as good as signed up. Wanna know more? Here is it is from the horse’s mouth…

Greetings to the Collective!

As you read this we are beginning an exciting new chapter for Future Craft Collective. We’d like to voice to you our intentions for this project, in the hopes of rallying your support, eliciting your response and helping us to spread the word.

Our goal is to provide…

a place for families and crafters to find inspiration
projects that encourage crafting and creativity, that don’t overwhelm or intimidate
a return to the scrape, scrounge, dig, build, create approach to things
interesting new projects that utilize holistically sound materials such as upcycling, recrafting, green materials, etc.
an emphasis on the opportunities crafting provides for strengthening family ties and community connection
an atmosphere that naturally leads to the discussion of our social environment
the promotion of self expression
a chance to really and truly have a bunch of fun. Together.
Each monthly Collective Projects curriculum will include…

free tutorials on simple, family friendly projects using interesting found materials.
a downloadable workbook that includes two more projects of the Future Craft ilk and patterns and step by step instructions.
dialogue prompts on the environment, social pressures, crafting, working peaceably with your child or children, embracing and appreciating the process.
steps on knowing when to step in and when to step back and take it all in.
a platform via a moderated Yahoo group for connecting with the greater collective, both in your community and beyond, as well as for asking questions and advice
Thematic poetry
We truly see this as an idea whose time has arrived, and one aimed to arm families from all over with the tools they need to craft positive change in the world!!

And to make stuff together.

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  1. Kathie Sever

    thanks, jen! by the way- when do we get to see handmade nation?? i’m so curious… and afraid. they came and shot here the morning after stitch. i’d gotten to bed at around 2 then had gotten up for a 9 am kids sewing class…. ouch. i don’t remember uttering a coherent sentence.


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