Fred Flare Next Big Thing

Can you believe it Naughty Secretary Club has been selected one of the 27 winners of the Fred Flare Next Big Thing Contest!

Keith and Chris at Fred Flare are such sweeties and Naughty Secretary Club has sold jewelry with them before through the years, but to be chosen as a Next Big Thing Winner next to people like Jay McCarroll from Project Runway – who,what,me? Are you sure?

I whipped the boys up a charm bracelet kit that is pretty dang cute if I do say so. What you get are these vintage already carded gold toned bracelets, 5 head pins and 10 jump rings. The really good part is that I raided my stash of vintage crafty bits and pieces to make each random baggie equally fabulous. I tried to make sure all colors of the rainbow were represented as well in each bag. There are 5 beads and 5 charms and most times all 10 are vintage! Kind of like my line of Crafty Curios, but different.

Some of my favorite goodies from the Next Big Thing Contest are:
Candy Wall Decals by Bored Inc. (I have a giant purple glittery popsicle hanging in dining room so these would perfect in there!)

Girlie Ring by Cicely Margo (I remember adding these to my faves when I saw them on her Flickr account)

Super Stamper Friend Necklace by The Small Object (Holy cutest thing ever and if you are a stamper crafter type you are gonna flip out)

Mini Deer Plaque by Nice (I need to get one of these for my sister since she loves the deer heads so much)

Emotibles earphone charms by Futuronomie (I’m so over my plain white IPOD ear buds)

So this brings me to the contest for the day, actually it is contests plural. One person will win a collage pack of crafty curios with doggies (that’s 50 pieces of vintage paper with images of cute doggies – greeting cards, cut outs from books, playing cards and more!) Another person will win a bag of Crafty Curios in Teal. That comes with beads, plastic flowers, big cameos and more! Since I’m celebrating being one of the winners of the Fred Flare Next Big Thing with my Charm Bracelet Kit I would love to know what are some of your favorite craft kits? If I were to do more kits what would you like to see? Do you skip right by the kits or buy them for friends? Answer any or all of these questions in the comment field here along with your email if you are blogger accountless and let me know if you would prefer the jewelry or paper crafty curios! You have until this Sunday!

Also if you live in Austin please stop by Moxie and the Compound tonight between 5-8. Why? Because Susanne from All Dressed Up and Shy and I are having a trunk show there. Jewelry, awesome clothes and free beer, how can you say no to that.

4 Responses to “Fred Flare Next Big Thing”

  1. Chanya

    Answers to your questions:

    1. Favorite Kits: the button bracelet kits by French General.

    2. More kit types? Not really, you’re doing a great job!

    3. Skip Kits/Buy for Friends? When I buy kits I purchase them for myself. I may give the finished product to a friend though!

    Preference: the paper crafty curios!

  2. Claye


    I have to say that I check out the Crafty Curios each time I log on to Etsy (which is pretty much every day, haha). I love love love them, but may I suggest that you put together some more themed kits? I’d rather buy a kit with kitschy objects in many bright colors, not necessarily just the color-assorted kits. I’m not really a monochromatic kind of gal.



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