Freaky Tiki

Can you see the excitement in my eyes about the passenger buckled into the passenger seat in my car? This is my new 3 foot tall Tiki God I scored at Big Lots yesterday. I drove all the way home with Mr. Tiki riding shot gun and the windows rolled down. As he rode in my cart through the aisles of the stores I saw small children cower behind their mothers in fear. I guess he is a bit creepy, but I heart him.

The big tiki was not the only score at Big Lots, oh no. I went looking for some things to organize all the swag I have from other crafters that I stick in my orders and left with enough tiki paraphernalia to host a luau. I also scored this tiki planter that looks awesome on the coffee table in my game room. This whole room and my bedroom have a Hawaiian theme of sorts. I just so happened to have a rubber plant that fit in the new planter perfectly!

The tiki you see on the wall was also snagged. He has eyes that light up, but they seem to be a bit fickle about when exactly they light up. It doesn’t really matter to me either way, I just liked that he fit in with all the other tropical delights on this wall like aquarium furniture, undulating hula girls and palm trees.

While we are at it, I might as well show you some of my other favorite Hawiian themed goodies in my house This is a vintage lamp I found at the flea market on Melrose and Fairfax in Los Angeles. It was love at first site. I later found the old straw child’s hat in an antique mall in Oklahoma that made for the perfect lamp shade. Check out the adorable little felt fish. The lamp is made on a coconut shell with sand, huts, hula themed dolls and wee little palm trees.

I have two different fancy carved wooden light switch covers that I find amusing. The hula girl is in my game room and the naughty tiki switch is in my bedroom. He makes me giggle.

This is a random couple of shelves in my game room to give you an idea of some of the other bits in my collection. When I find old hula records I of course have to pick them up. One of them is more like a book that I plan to make into a photo album eventually. There are carved tropical wooden shoes, another tiki planter (that I got at Big Lots last year), coconut purse, hula girl bust and a box. Not just any box though. My dad was stationed in Hawaii when he was in the army and this is the box that he sent my grandma a leigh for her birthday. It is all post marked from Hawaii and says fun stuff like Aloha on the sides. I have all his old Hawaiian shirts too that I eventually plan on making into throw pillows.

This is a picture of my bedroom, but what I wanted to show was the tropical Barkcloth Curtains and carved wooden shoes as tie backs. There are some bamboo curtains and the bedside lights are bamboo lanterns with a nautical feel. I have the matching Barkcloth of my curtains and need to get a duvet or throw made for the bed, I have just been too lazy. I also have vintage suitcases as my bedside table and what my bedroom TV is propped up on. Oh and then there is a reproduction travel poster for Hawaii in a faux bamboo frame above the bed.

This is the shelf across from my bed that is kind of a hodge podge of vintage goodness, mostly with a tropical theme. I collect shell lamps, old radios, sunglasses, and other goody stuff you can see in the picture. If the color themed matched it also made it onto the shelves. Things like cream colored radios, old clocks and a rusty fan rescued from my grandmas attic.

When Naughty Secretary Club was a zine there was an article called Please Tiki Don’t Hurt Em’, a play on a MC Hammer song that I guess at the time I thought was funny. I might as well repost some of my tropical tips from there while we are on the topic.

* Fake Fruit can be found at any crafty store like Michael’s. Just look how a pair of plastic pineapple book-ends makes this average bookshelf a tropical delight!

* Hula Skirt Window Treatments! You can buy a hula skirt at almost any party or costume supply store. Basically take the skirt and fold the edges over or trim it to fit the width of your window. Now staple or tack the skirt in place. Hula skirts also look nice in bathrooms around the back of a toilet or a free standing sink.

* Get yourself a coconut scented glade plug in to get the tropical experience a la’ olfactory.

* Once upon a time Airlines gave away free travel bags. Displaying these gives you the feeling of vacationing somewhere tropical.

* Aquarium furniture is all around and looks pretty damn tropical. The older pieces as well as the ones marked Japan are more valuable.

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