Font Crafts: A Font-a-liscious Journey Through Some of my Fave How-to Projects

The ever crafty Alexa Westerfield AKA Swelldesigner has started a brand spankin’ new website called Font Crafts. If it involves fonts and is crafty she is showcasing it, making it or writing about it. I never realized how fonts and crafts correlated until I took a peeksie through her site. There are also interviews with crafters like Heather Mann of Dollar Store Crafts, a resource guide helping you find spiffy free fonts, how-to videos and lot’s more. I suddenly started realizing the ways I had done my own font crafting through the years. Wanna take a little stroll down memory lane with me?

Making monogrammed sweaters is one of many fashionable ways to wear fonts.

Years ago when I still produced the Stitch fashion show we did a display in the Beauty Bar window which showcased a big font-a-liscious necklace I made.

The Personalized Placemats I made used a font I like to call “Jennifer Perkins” since it is my handwriting. It will be available for download soon. Ok not really.

Baby Blocks have a very iconic font and can be used for all kinds of crafty goodness.

One of my very favorite fonts is on my Naughty Secretary Club T-shirts. I made one of the T-shirts into a spiffy apron once using the T-shirt necklace from my book The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girls Guide to Handmade Jewelry.

Chipboard letters in the scrapbooking aisle have all kinds of crafty possibilities and come in oodles of different fonts.

When pregnant with Tallulah I had a onesie making baby shower, cute fonts abound.

How about fonts you can walk over like with this doormat.

Felt fonts on baby booties, and for those of you keeping track no I don’t have a child with the initials LW.

For Tallulah’s 1st Birthday I had a customized logo designed, complete with spiffy font.

I got a lot of use out of these gold sparkly letters. Here they make another appearance on a Black Cat Banner.

Be sure to stop by Font Crafts and check things out. How do you use fonts in your crafts?

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