Fico Scores, Vanguard Accounts, and Roth IRAs.

So I am listening to this book by Suze Orman called The Money Book for the Young, Broke and Fabulous and it is making my head spin a bit. I have a meeting with a financial advisor and new accountant next week so I need to get brushed up about things. I have scratchy pages of notes on things like Fico Scores, Vanguard Accounts, Roth IRAs and so fourth. This summer before I got the second TV hosting job I got into Jim Kramer. I spent a week in Illinois with my family because my grandmother was in the hospital. My father who fancies himself a day trader watches this annoying man incessantly and is particularly found of the lightening round. I found him abrasive and my poor grandmother would take her hearing aides out when his show came on. But I left thinking my next move was to get into day trading. I even ordered his book and started thumbing through it. Day trading takes a lot of work man. I think I am better off with an advisor and some mutual funds. God when did I get so old? I got to thinking Social Security will be nothing when I am old and since I am self employed its not like I have a 401 K. These are issues to worry about.

So anyway besides all this… Today I had a facial, went to the mall to return my stupid ITRIP, ran into Vickie at Nordstrom’s, Hope came over and we discussed Stitch (man does she have some cool clothes, brace yourself), I added new Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings to Naughty Secretary Club and now I need to go get ready for a Stitch meeting this evening. So much planning so little time.

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