Felt Club, Beta Valentine, Swaparamarama and More!

Ok I lied I have one more blog in me before I leave town this afternoon. This one is going to be quick bullet points.

1)If you live in Austin and feel like seeing a band tonight, might I recommend Beta Valentine at Emo’s Lounge. Sure I’m married to the drummer, but even if I wasn’t it was the recommended show for Wednesday in this week’s edition of The Onion.

2)Tomorrow is the last day to go and vote for the Fred Flare Next Big Thing Contest. I’m not saying who you should vote for, but that $1000 prize money sure would help with the shopping I’m about to do at the flea market this weekend.

3)If I was not going to Rhode Island and Massachusetts this weekend I would be going to Los Angeles instead. Why? Because it is Felt Club and I am a sponsor. There are 250 swag bags at the door and every one of them has a free Naughty Secretary Club Pea Pod Necklace in them. Be sure and stop by and say hello to Jennifer Ramos in the Textile Fetish booth, gotta give a shout out to my Austin ladies. Two of my favorite Craft Lab crafters will also be vending Nicole from Queen Puff Puff and Laura from Charcoal Designs.

4)Also this weekend here in Austin at The Workshop on 6th Street is the Miniswaporamarama from 6-9pm which is preparation for the big swaporamarama in August.

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  1. traci

    did I tell you that I VOTED for you? 🙂 oh how I heart our bi-weekly catch up sessions…i’ve blogged twice in in the past few days…LOL.

    have fun this weekend…miss ya..


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