Felicia – My Mixed Media Series

So my sister Hope Perkins said: “let’s do a joint art show” and I said ok. The only thing I had ever done was a colored pencil portrait of Axl Rose in Jr. High. I craft, not paint. However, when Hope asked me I busted out the paint and it kinda started flowing and has not stopped.

It all started with a bag of old perm curlers I bought at a thrift store in McKinney, TX. They were labeled with the name Felicia. Hence the name of my entire collection. Some have curlers, some don’t, but all have different ladies.

Now Hope and I are in the process of looking for a space in Austin to host our big show. Any suggestions? I’m also kind of thinking of trying to sell them online. Do I go Etsy, Big Cartel, Shopafy? So many choices.

Whatcha think? Should I not quit my day job?

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