Fear of Breaching Pot Luck Etiquette.

You are probably thinking that I only run around with the same group of people all the time. There is some truth to that, but not entirely. Just look at the picture there are some fresh faces in this group from Sundays group shot. Last night Karly hosted a pot luck and made fried chicken for everyone at her house and it was delicious. Sure the fire alarm went off once or twice, but overall the food tasted wonderful. Going around the table starting with the short haired chick with the watermelon we have Tina Sparkles, Jason, Erin Smith, Cory Ryan, Matt, Hope Perkins, Karly Hand, me, then on the floor Jason (Jug) and Kurt. And no I still don’t know the dudes last names and didn’t bother to ask last night. I know Kurt’s is Bloshki, but I don’t now how to spell it. He has been dating my sister for over year, spent Christmas at my house and I don’t even know how to spell the poor kids last name. Anyway, Chris (who had already left for band practice when this picture was taken) and I brought home made biscuits with cheese and fresh peppers from our vegetable garden. Once upon a time I wrote an article for my zine called Pot Luck Professionalism, you can still read it.

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