Fawning Over Fawns

Since my little girl Tallulah Fawn hit the scene I have been fawning over all things fawn. I obsessively search for goodies adorned with fawns on Etsy, eBay, flea markets and more. Here is a picture of the little dumpling in a handmade onesie from my baby shower with a stencil from Stencil 1. Fits the theme perfect! Today I thought I would share a few of my favorite fawn themed items from Etsy. There is a lot to choose from – all equally adorable!

1) Little Fawn Print by Trace Face

2) Polka Dot Vintage Deer Card by Paper Cakes

3) Fawn Bib by Uptown Urban Crafts

4) Fawn Faimly Necklace by Figs and Ginger

5) Bambi Addiction by Enna Design Shop

6) Fawn in the Forest Leotard by Whimsy Ranch

7) Ornate Deer Onesie by Pepperhem Baby

8) Little Red Deer Mary Janes by Em and Sprout

9) Little Fawn Bookplate Set by Cabin + Cub

10) Bambi Felt Hair Clip by Siiri

11) Baby Deer Painting by Jenna Michelle

12) Red Vintage Fabric Deer Tee by Skye Rocket Sews

I have been looking for an excuse to buy something from The Runny Bunny for eons. Who cares if it is slightly creepy in a mad pottery scientist kind of way it is a fawn hybrid and I heart it.

Last but not least I wanted to show you a deer and fawn collection I aspire towards. The picture is of a loft belonging to Shauna Alterio and Stephen Loidolt of Something’s Hiding Here. Their amazing collection was featured in Ready Made magazine and made me drool.

Know of any other adorable fawn goodies that I should be scoping out? Please leave me a comment and let me know!

17 Responses to “Fawning Over Fawns”

  1. Candyland

    Tallulah is so beautiful! I love that she’s so stylin’ already! Way to go, Momma!

  2. Jennie C.

    I remember helping my Mom paint our families crib avocado green (it was the 70s) and then we stuck these large decorative stickers on it. There was a fawn. And a bunny. Those decorations lasted forever – through three more little siblings.

    Tallulah Fawn is darling.

  3. siiri

    Hi, That’s very lovely! Thank you so much for featuring my Bambi Hair clip! I have just bookmarked your blog.

  4. jennamichelle

    What an adorable baby, name, onesie, post…ahh it’s all so cute! Thank you so much for including my baby deer painting. Tallulah is gorgeous! 🙂 Congratulations on bringing such a wonderful tiny person into this world! How cool is that? It must be unreal.


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