Fashion on the Roof of a Grocery Store

Everyone had tons of fun and Vickie and Dave’s Wedding party. Not a wedding, they had already done that a month ago, an after party of sorts to celebrate. It was on the roof of the Whole Foods here. No it was not just a party on the roof of the grocery store. This is the flag ship Whole Foods, the largest one in the country. In the winter they put a make shift ice skating rink on this roof. The view was lovely, the food was yummy and all my friends were there so I was in heaven. The picture is of my best friend Erin, my younger sister Hope and I. In retrospect I’m not sure the straw fedora was an awesome idea, but oh well. I wanted to show you guys the picture because I am wearing one of my two Lily Allen dresses that are back from being altered! I am saving the green one to wear to Karly’s wedding in September. The red dress I have on is actually really puffy at the bottom and wide. People remarked that it looked like a Flamenco dress. I felt like I needed to use the handicap stall in the bathroom it was so wide. I was just happy I got to wear the dress.

Since it’s Monday and you know how I like to keep you posted on what you can see each week on Craft Lab, here is the rundown. Short week since they are doing special programming on the 4th of July. Today watch Rene Parker and I make lime green paper mache masks with polka dotted lipstick. Tuesday Laurie Mika and I make a polymer clay mosaic table top. Thursday Clare Crespo and I do a little Food Art and make jello aquariums! Friday we wrap up the crafty week with Geraldine Newfry and I making a resin long stitch journal.

Ok I’m off. I have an appointment to get my hair done in 57 minutes. A photo shoot at 6 for a top secret fun thing. 49 more projects to make for my book. I whipped up one last night that was so easy using men’s ties. My mother and I boiled and baked rulers until midnight, but that project still needs some tweaking.

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  1. Claye

    You look so cute in the Lily Allen dress! Bamboo heart hoops and all… you’re rockin’ that look. My only wish is that Lily would sell her collection online. They’re too cute to stay in Britain!


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